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CCC 337 - The John Kovalic Interview Part 4

John Kovalic returns for a record tying appearance on CC2C to sit down with Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk his new Kickstarter Project The Tao of Igor: A new Dork Tower Collection

CC2C Guest History:
John has never been on the show 3 times before!
About the artist:
John Kovalic’s cartoons have appeared everywhere from his hometown WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL (Madison, WI) to the NEW YORK TIMES and DRAGON MAGAZINE. His creations include the sell-out comic book sensation DORK TOWER and “DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK,” as well as SNAPDRAGONS, NEWBIES, WILD LIFE, BEACHED, and panel cartoons including MURPHY’S RULES, THE UNSPEAKABLE OAF and others.
About the work:
DORK TOWER is for anybody who’s ever been burned being an early adapter; who’s made more Twitter tweets than actual Twitter followers; who’s ever gone to a Star Trek convention; who’s ever played Dungeons and Dragons; who suspects Anime is more than just a passing ad; and who’s been fragged by a Gravity Hammer in Halo III – or anyone who KNOWS one of these people.
Where to find: Social media links, etc.
Questions & Talking Points: (add your stuff here)
A quick breakdown of the interview: 15 min guest intro. 15 min guest project. 15 min topic discussion. (Related to guest if possible.)
Dork Tower Kickstarter
What’s this about a Kickstarter?
Refresh our memories, how long have you been doing Dork Tower?
Insane Charity Bike Ride 2018
How did the charity bike ride go this year?
Any new Munchin or Card work over at Steve Jackson games?
Any convention appearnaces left this season? Coming to Hal-Con again?
Some possible Topics for discussion that I would love to hear John’s opinion on.
The Changing Social Climate and how it impacts story telling and humor.
^^^ This.
I used to love being a sarcastic butthole but with all the real buttholes in the public eye I do not find any pleasure in the sarcasm.
Including everyone in the story.
The LAST Question… Ever… Like, EVER-ever. (Pay It Forward)
Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow?
Where can we find their work online?


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