Comics Coast To Coast #213 - The John Kovalic Interview - Part 2
John Kovalic joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his comic Dork Tower and his hand in the Board Gaming Industry.

John Kovalic Duck

CC2C History:
John was on episode 146 of Comics Coast to Coast in July of 2012.
About the Comic:

DORK TOWER is the comic strip running three times a week at DorkTower.com and GeekDad.com , and monthly in Game Trade Magazine. Once upon a time, it also ran in Dragon magazine, Scrye magazine, Star Wars Insider, and GAMES magazine. Dork Tower is also from time to time a comic book published by Dork Storm Press.

DORK TOWER is for anybody who’s ever been burned being an early adapter; who’s made more Twitter tweets than actual Twitter followers; who’s ever gone to a Star Trek convention; who’s ever played Dungeons and Dragons; who suspects Anime is more than just a passing ad; and who’s been fragged by a Gravity Hammer in Halo III – or anyone who KNOWS one of these people.

But it’s REALLY for people who know the significance of “42″; who have bookmarked more than one area of thinkgeek.com; who’ve memorized very lyric to Jonathan Coulton’s ouvre; who’ve cataloged which Classic Trek episodes involved the Prime Directive; and who know the names of six people and a cat that make regular appearances in Wil Wheaton’s blog. And, of course, it’s for people who know that HAN SHOT FIRST!

DORK TOWER the multi-award-winning story of Matt, Igor, Ken, Carson the Muskrat (yes, he’s a muskrat) and Gilly, the Perky Goth. They’re trapped in a world they never made… but are nevertheless striving to create a realistic yet playable simulation thereof!

About Artist:

John Kovalic’s cartoons have appeared everywhere from his hometown WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL (Madison, WI) to the NEW YORK TIMES and DRAGON MAGAZINE. His creations include the sell-out comic book sensation DORK TOWER and “DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK,” as well as SNAPDRAGONS, NEWBIES, WILD LIFE, BEACHED, and panel cartoons including MURPHY’S RULES, THE UNSPEAKABLE OAF and others.

A co-founder and co-owner of Out of the Box Games, and a cartoonist for Steve Jackson Games, John has illustrated over 100 games and game supplements, and is at least in part responsible for best-sellers like APPLES TO APPLES (A GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame inductee) , MUNCHKIN, CHEZ GEEK and BLINK. He is closing in on 4,000 MUNCHKIN cards drawn, and boy, are his arms tired.

He was the first cartoonist inducted into the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Hall of fame. In his spare time, John searches for spare time.


John is now CREATING game designs, as well as illustrating them. Tell what’s going on with ROFL! and Double Feature? Joel (via John’s email.)
Will I have to buy Leonard Maltin’s Movie Book to play Double Feature? I mean…will I have to challenge my competitors like in scrabble? Brian
On the topic of ROFL; Do you think kids today understand that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken? Finger Licking Good Y’all” FLG’YALL Brian
What’s Dr. Blink? Fill us in. Joel (via John’s email.)
Cash N’ Guns? What was your role in production? Joel (via John’s email.)
Business manager question… Joel
Do you find you have to go through a lot of itterations when making art for table top games? Joel
Cash & Guns : second edition. Did you play the first one? How does doing a second edition where you replace all the art differ from your usual first run work? Brian
Do you feel like a lot of board game developers under value box art? There is a lot of crap out there! Brian
Love: Games For Girls – Dork Tower you did recently. Was that inspired by true events or has it just been a topic on your mind lately. Brian
It’s been just a little over 2 years since we last interviewed you on the show. Has your process of creating Dork Tower evolved? Any new tools? Brian
I’m stalking you on Twitter. Can you give me a few #SadProducts? Did you come up with any and think “That might just work as a real thing?” Brian
You are doing the yearly Bike ride again this year. How is that going? Less than a month away. Brian
Would you like to mention your involvement with Fish Cook KickStarter? Brian
Did you ever play this? Quest for the Rings (1981)(Philips)(EU-US) (1981) Brian
Do you have a D&D story from the 80s? A time when Satan was trying to steal our young tender souls?..and by Satan I mean Gene Simmons. Brian
Snapshot: Everybody is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Thoughts? Brian




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