CCC 286 - The Robb Mommaerts Interview Part 3

Illustrator Robb Mommaerts returns to talk to Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme to update us on his upcoming project and Inktober!


CC2C Guest History:
This is our THIRD chat with Robb. Previously on Episode 239 (Interview) and 268 (Batman v Superman special).
About the artist:
He’s Robb. He draws stuff.
About the work:
Don’t look! It will make you question the very core of your artistic being.
Where to find: Social media links, etc.
Fool does not have twitter yet. 😉 😉 😉 ….curse you Joel Duggan….trying to tempt me…
Questions and Comments: (add your stuff here)
A quick breakdown of the interview: 15 min guest intro. 15 min guest project. 15 min topic discussion. (Related to guest if possible.)
A recent comment on Instagram got me thinking about your “kinetic inking”. Give us the nuts and bolts. Ink, tools, process etc. We want to know it all.
You seem to prefer creating B&W work. True or False?
How do you deal with the inevitable mistakes when working with physical media?
how and why i switched to inking with a brush?
ink influences….Frank Frazetta…Maurice Sendak…David McPhail…Bernie Wrightston…Marck Schultz….Jack Davis…Craig Thompson
Are fancy brushes worth it?
I’ve had an issue with my Pentel Brush Pen ink coming out a bit grey. Any advice?
You’re so good, you just brush it, and say “Done!” right? Riiiiiiight?
Inktober – Challenges, Best Intentions & Who to follow
My favorites this year for Inktober — All Instagram links.
Love the paper bag puppets. What inspired you to make those?
There are a lot of monsters in your work. Who are some of your favorite movie monsters?
Froge & Robb
Robb is going to be the next artist published by Forge Publishing.
Kickstarting “early 2017” and releasing later in the year.
Art book collecting some or Robb’s finest, black and white pieces.
This will be our last episode before Halloween. Do you have a favorite Halloween traditions? Comics? Animations?
Fiddy Years of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
How Many Bad Apples Does It Take?


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