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CCC 268 - The C2E2 2016 & Batman vs Superman Spoiler Talk

Robb Mommaerts guest hosts with Joel Duggan, Brian Dunaway & Matthew Ducharme to talk about C2E2 2016 and Spoiler Talk for Batman vs Superman


C2E2 & Batman vs. Superman

Brian’s Notes

I AIN’T SEEN BvS! This is what I think I will see…but I do a pretty bad Bane impression
Spiderman Dead No More stuff? You guys following this? Civil War 2?
Just when you thought you were done with Superhero Movies. Is now the good stuff? Civil War? BvS? HulkVWolverine!
Followup. Your Favorite HeroVsHero Battles?
Do you guys remember DC vs Marvel limited series?

Joel’s Notes

It took me a long time to process… I didn’t love it but I didn’t HATE it. I’m not sure if I liked it. Either way it missed the mark.
I think after some processing time my feeling is heavy disappointment. So close and yet so far. It’s very frustrating as a fan.
I wish people who don’t like Superman would stop making movies about Superman.
Even the romantic scene with Clark and Lois in the tub looks like something out of a Tim Burton film.
Jessie Eisenburg who was HORRIBLY cast and potentially horribly directed.
Bryan Cranston was up for the role of Lex Luthor. HOW WAS HE NOT CAST !?!?!
How many dream sequences did you count? Hint: ONE is too many. Dream sequence INSDIE a dream sequence? Was Snyder BORED? Fuck.
Boring predictible end game.
Doomsday both how he was made and his presense was dumb AND predictable for all the comic fans.
Zero character motivation for Batman to be doing anything he’s doing against Superman.
Weak ass reason to have a change of heart. “Wait… Our mom’s have the same name? Dude, I’m sorry for trying to stab you through the heart with a kryptonite spear. My bad.”
I am going to vote with my dollars. I will not be seeing any more of the DC “hero” (Justice League etc) films in the theatres unless under very specific instructions from trusted friends.
Breaking box office records. I wonder if it’s more curiosity than anything. I don’t think it will continue to climb. – UPDATE – Box office fall record as well.
The acting was spot on.
Take out Superman and Batman as a theme and it was actually a decent action movie.
Gal Gedot was stoic and strong in what little (unfortunately) she was in the movie. Didn’t matter if she was in a CLASSY evening gown or her Wonder Woman armor. She was a force on screen.
I would watch Ben Afleck in a well written, well directed Batman movie.
I like a universe where Lois and Clark are together. It adds a lot to Superman’s character.
Mastermind manipulation by Lex was good IDEA. Superman’s mom as a target was smart/evil.
There were only a few surprises in the film. (Bomb at the senate caught me off guard.)

Matt’s Notes

Batman can kick some serious ass. I would watch an entire movie of Batman beating up badguys.
Wonderwoman was far cooler than I was expecting given that, leading up to the movie, it seemed like she was an afterthought
I liked the idea that not everyone in the real world would be comfortable with someone like Superman existing.
A great theme of “people can get hurt even when you make the best possible decision, but that’s no reason to stop trying.”
I loved the whole voice modulator that Batman uses. Much better than someone growling.
The pacing was a bit off. Kinda felt more like a director’s cut than a theatrical cut.
I agree with Joel about Lex. Played a little too crazy.
I’m definitely getting my fill of overly epic storytelling. Maybe I’m getting to be a dull grown-up.

Robb’s Notes

I didn’t see Affleck anymore, jsut Batman/Bruce. Affleck was the thing that had me most worried! not an Affleck fan…
Now I’m looking forward tothe Batman movie
Superman seemed threatening to me. Like the part where he told Batman that he was shwoing mercy to him. I love Superman, but that made me want to see him get his ass kicked
I wasn’t as annoyed by Eisneberg as I thought I would be, I thought he was okay in this. He seemed like an actual threat…yeah but he was a bit goofy

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