Comics Coast To Coast #174 - The Caldwell Tanner Interview Part 2
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Caldwell Tanner of LOLDWELL
Loldwell By Caldwell Tanner
About Artist:
My name is Caldwell. I am here to bring you image-based laughtermagic. If you have a question, comment or digital high-five file (.h5 format only please), then shoot me an email! Still confused? Here is a video that should sum things up:
(there’s a video on the site! Go, click!)
About The Comic

Show Notes:

Last we spoke (Episode 90) You just started at CollegeHumor. The honeymoon is over. What’s it really like now? Brian
Eugue Warrock Caldwell
Bear & Shark Caldwell
Dinosaur Office Caldwell
https://www.kyletwebster.com/ Caldwell
What is your obsession with File Extensions! I like it! Brian
Small Press Expo – Tell us! Brian
https://telegraphgallery.com/collections/telegraph-exclusives/products/gummy-worms-by-caldwell-tanner Brian
How do chose your color pallet(s)? They’re pretty unique. Joel
The expressiveness of your characters is pretty over the top. What/who are your three biggest cartooning influences? Joel
You’ve incorporated a fair bit of animation (cycles) in your work. How did that start? How do you put them together? Joel
A lot of your comics have a heavy graphic design feel to the panels and layout. Do you have a soft spot for design? Joel
Walk us through your writing process. What makes writing gag-a-day material different than other writing? Joel
Cirrus Skylark looks pretty off the wall and entertaining. What prompted the move to start telling longer stories? Joel
Where do you see it going? (Spoiler free of course)
Do you ever use stand up to test out gags for your comic? Or visa versa? Joel
You seem to have quite a thing for charts and graphs. Where does that come from? Matt
You have worked as both a writer and as an artist? Which side appeals to you more? Matt
You make multiple references to anime in your comics. What are some of your personal faves? Matt

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