Comics Coast To Coast #182 - The Doug Savage Interview -Part 2
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Doug Savage of Savage Chickens comic. AGAIN! Part 2…
Savage Chickens
About Artist:
Blurb… Blurb is long. Go to website. 😛
Previously on Comics Coast to Coast Episode 140 in June of 2012.
About The Comic
Savage Chickens began on a rainy day in October 2004 when, after one too many migraines, I scribbled two chickens on a sticky note. It was fun, so I kept drawing them and a few months later in January 2005, I posted them online in a blog. To my surprise, people enjoyed them and in the spring I was lucky to be featured on My Yahoo and things rolled along from there. Over 2000 cartoons and 8 years later, Savage Chickens now has a healthy audience and a book from Perigee Books.


Show Notes:

We talked a bit about Hal-Con 2013 last week on the show, but Doug, you were there too. What was your con experieince like?
(Correct me if I’m wrong.) This was also your fist time in Halifax. What did you think of it from a creative professinoal’s perspective.
I love that the comics in your book still have the shaddow from the scanning the Post-It note. Conscious decision or happy accident?
While you were here in Halifax, we had a chance to go out to dinner and geek out about art stuff. You have a unique process and approach to Savage Chickens due to your choice of medium. Fill everyone in?
You and I have spoken before about licensing. It’s not an avenue new cartoonists often think of. I think it’s worth mentioning on the show. Can you explain a bit about how you got into licensing your work, and what someone looking to license their work should look out for?
Follow up: Savage Chickens being a single panel lends itself well to licensing. Do you think being a strip cartoonist limits your licensing options?
how do you optomize (for those not knowing)
Just want to say congrats on your mention in Entertainment Weekly a while back? Did you see a significant spike in your views that week?
You have one of the cleanest and most user-friendly websites that I’ve seen for a web comic. Do you maintain it youself?
I gotta say, I’m a big Timmy Tofu fan. Do you have any personal favorite characters?
What would you say are the advantages and the disadvantages of having such specific rules for the visual style of your comic?




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