Comics Coast To Coast #183 - The Cale Atkinson Interview
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Cale Atkinson  Illustrator / Animator
Cale Atkinson
Cale Atkinson

Illustrator / Animator
About Artist:
Illustrator and animator, lakeside in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
Work full time as art director/ concept artist at Hyper Hippo Productions (Game Studio)
Do lots of contract work as well as personal projects in Children’s books, illustration and animation.
Blogs etc...


Show Notes:

Box Pugs
Do you ever feel like you are losing focu…BOX PUGS!! My printer needs ink!
I’m a bit – by a bit I mean insanly jealous – of your CTNX trip…
We know the experience was awesome. How was this year compared to previous years?
Do you go mostly for marketing and networking, or do you also find sales a strong component of the expo?
With so much awesome in one place (CTNX) do you ever get overwhelmed? (Good way? Bad way?)
Just out of curisoty, who would you say are the artists/peers that influenced you the most in 2013?
You’ve got some mad speed-painting skills. Ever consider doing a project speed-style?
Lil’ Red
Lil Red is simply beautiful what programs did you use, and how long did it take to complete?
The layouts in Lil’ Red are bright, whimsical and very painterly. What can you tell us about ariving at that aesthetic?
I’m assuming you’re using Photoshop for your illustration and painting… What’s your favorite online resource for brushes and techniques?
(Daily) Faces Project (Halloween 2013)
I love the whole rectangle-head theme. What promted it?
Your blog consists mostly of still images. Do you prefer illustrating to animating?



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