Comics Coast To Coast #173 - The Jack Slade (Scaredemy) Interview
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Jack Slade of Scaredemy.
Scaredemy By Jack Slade
About Artist:
Jack Slade Class PictureThe little known story of Jack Slade. By Jack Slade.
Jack Slade’s first exposure to comics was his most terrifying and possibly most influential.
A giant box of vintage horror comics was gifted to him by a well meaning, albeit misguided uncle.The Haunt of Fear and Journey of Unknown Worlds complete with melting faces and alien autopsies set the course for Jack to one day pen a monster / horror comic.
Jack draws upon his time as a toy designer to add a touch of cute to an otherwise terrifying world. Junior High. Scaredemy is a slightly biopic coming of age tale about young boy who grows up surrounded by terrifying monsters. Except, in real life Jack’s monsters were hillbillies with mullets who wore Metallica t-shirts.
About The Comic
Simon Fairwee was just your average boy, with average intelligence and average looks. That is,
until he found his dad’s old Scaredemy yearbook.Upon discovering his father’s secret magical past, we follow the adventures of
the young sorceror as he enters the halls of Scaredemy, the world’s
leading academy for beings of monstrosity and freaks of nature.Armed with nothing more than dull wits, a lack of raw talent, and an inflated sense
of self, Simon tries to navigate the scariest halls of life. Puberty.

Show Notes:

You mentioned to me that another creator had a very similar idea to Scaredemy. How did that conversation go? Joel
Jocelyn wants to know the origin of your pen name? Funny story? Joel
Am I detecting an unhealthy relationship with sugar packed kids breakfast cereal? Joel
Pop Culture… Do you remember where you were when you coined “The Gandalf” wedgie? Joel
i remember now: Names of characters for scaredemy Joel
I really like how you depict Simon talking with his dad over video chat. Very clean and an instant read. How did you come up with that? Joel
Scaredemy has a district color finish. What’s your process? Inspiration? Joel
What’s your favorite Easter egg you’ve snuck into the strip? Joel
You’ve taken a sort of hybrid approach between gag a day and long form comic styles. Is it as challenging as I think it would be? Matt
Harry Potter was clearly one of the influences for the story. What is it about your comic that really sets it apart? Matt
You’ve recently started to break your traditional three panel layout. Sign of things to come? Matt
Creator Questions:
“Jack, what have been the highlights of your lengthy – or rather short, depending on how you look at it – presence on the webcomic scene? And after such a stellar start, what are your hopes for the future?” Wouter F Goedkoop of the Adventures of Captain Wayne cptwayne.com
You obviously planned out your characters well in advance. After a run of comics building up to Simon getting into Scaredemy. How did you feel finally drawing and seeing Simon and Wolfric meeting for the first time in “Roomies”? Bill Murphy of Casually Employed casuallyemployed.com


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