CCC 335 - The Andy Duggan Interview Part 2

Andy Duggan joins Brian Dunaway and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his KickStarter Project Black Fin: Barbarian Shark and much more…


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Show Notes

CC2C Guest History:
This is our second chat with Andy. Previously on Episode 218.
About the work:
Before the breaking of the continents and the sinking of Atlantis, there was a warrior unlike any other, This is his tale.
Washed up on a far beach, A baby Man-Shark is found and sold into Slavery and trained to be a gladiator and….wait, wait, wait, This is all the fun part. So, I can’t tell you what happens, but how about some highlights?
A Man-Shark fighting in a gladiatorial arena, Lost Civilizations, Shark gods, part-man-part-tank shark-themed warrior. Eye Patches, Swords, Heartfelt moments, dungeons and much much more!
Questions & Talking Points: (add your stuff here)
A quick breakdown of the interview: 15 min guest intro. 15 min guest project. 15 min topic discussion. (Related to guest if possible.)
Catching up
Welcome back Andy! The last time we talked you were hard at work on Seaclops! Remind our listeners about who you are and what you do!
How goes Hero Cats of Stellar City? Any new issues under your belt? Have you been watching the latest on the project?
I recently was sucked into Magic The Gathering and am really digging the art! Have you worked on any cards recently?
How is the Instagram Family treating you? Looks like you are swimming in the feedback.
Are you headed to RobCon this weekend? Kingsport TN? First time? Veteran? What is that scene like?
Do you have a love for drawing the beasts!
Black Fin is LIVE on Kickstarter as of right now. Tell us about the project.
Motion Comic! Who made your Kickstarter video. I always feel that “that” is the thing that stops some artists from doing a KickStarter.
Richard Starkings Lettering! Tell us about your collaboration with Richard.
As far as most Kickstarter books go, your goal is modest, a 32 page comic with a funding goal of $2500 US. Any strategy behind that?
Have you made any changes to your box of art tools since last we talked? What is the one challenge you are currently tackling..artistically?
The LAST Question… Ever… Like, EVER-ever. (Pay It Forward)
Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow?
Where can we find their work online?
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