CCC 310 - The Rising Sand Episode

Ty Dunitz & Jenn Lee join Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about their crowd-funded adventure comic The Rising Sand.

suitable for adults



About the artist(s):

Ty Dunitz – [Illus]traitor: games, musics, comics. ½ of @TheRisingSand.
Jenn Lee – ½ of @TheRisingSand ☀️ comic penciler, illustrator, dino-enthusiast, polka-dot wearer

About the work:

Erj is a world kept alight by a sun that has orbited faithfully since recorded memory—and now, that faith is faltering.

A band of extraordinarily unlikely heroes will try and keep the sky itself from falling while facing threats they could never have imagined.

So, you know, the usual.

Due to extreme graphic violence and the occasional boob, Rising Sand is for mature readers only. Hopefully, you’ve read this page.

Rising Sand is produced by:
Jenn Lee: design, pencils, inks (RS001 – RS015)
Ty Dunitz: writing, design, inks (RS016 – present), colours, letters

Due to extreme graphic violence and the occasional boob, Rising Sand is for mature readers only.
Where to find: Social media links, etc.


Hi, Tell us a little bit about yourself and Rising Sand!
What can your patrons expect by becoming a patron?
Using the blog to fill in the backstory, how much goes in the comic and how much goes into the blog? Any feedback on reading/reacting positively to the blog part?
Tell us about the color palette. It’s changed a good bit since you started. Much deeper and richer in my opinion.
Who is the artist and who is the writer, because that is usually how this works. (not always true)
Oh, it’s complicated. Tell us a little bit about your collaborative work process.
World building. Which came first? The writing or the art?
Who’s obsessed with weapons?
Tell us about the wordbubble red drop on the tail.
Qebrus has some amazing costuming that includes tiny figures. That’s a lot of lines. You ever get fatigued drawing tiny squirming people?
Hey TY, I see you are opening up for Color work. Let’s get the word out.
Tell my more about this #coloristjam I see on Twitter.
Rob @MC_Miser
Is the templar armor controlled kind of like the avatar mechs?
How do the two of you resolve the inevetable disagreements that come from working in a team?
What has been the biggest change you’ve had to make to accomadate your creative partner’s style?
Was there a moment where you seemed to be reading each other’s mind?
The LAST Question… Ever… (Pay It Forward)
Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow?
Where can we find their work online?









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