CCC 285 - The John Cullen Interview

John Cullen joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme to talk about his fantastically absurd Daily Comic including fan favorites like Gramfel and Ghost & Skeleton

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About the artist:

John Cullen – Not the former Canadian Hockey Player or the curler turned comedian Joel!

About the work:

John has been creating a (near) daily comic since 2013, encompassing everything from musings on life, to riffs on pop culture, and everything in between. Speaking about himself in the third person makes John think he sounds like Doctor Doom. He is not yet certain whether this is a good or bad thing.


Where to find: Social media links, etc.

Show Notes:

NHOJ Comics
Hey John! Can you tell us a little about yourself and the daily comics you have been gracing the internet with for the past 2 years?
What motivated you to start doing a daily comic?
How has doing a daily comic on the internet changed your life John?
What advice would you give to someone striking out to publish comics online daily?
What’s the best art style? Is it Anime? Or perhaps Garfield?
the beano and the dandy
Style ART
You have a pretty cool style John. How would you describe your art style?
Why led you to your current style and color palette?
How has your process changed over time and why?
Any advice for the artists out there spinning their wheels on finding their own style/voice?
We don’t often talk about Gumroad on the show. Can you tell us a bit about how you use it?
Internet Fame and Making a living as a cartoonist
Matt – Ask about Patreon page?
Big Bang Comics – Big Irish comic book shop chain.
New Nintendo Switch. How will you have time to draw!
I’ve seen you draw poop escaping from the mouth of politicians. Is there anything you won’t draw?
Can we expect some Red Dead Redemption 2 comics next week?
You have several distinct comics that you rotate. Do you have a system or is it just whatever hits you? Gramfel is what brought you to my attention. I also like your semi-autobigraphical “Artist” stories. but I am also fond of the gamer life comics…so I like it all.
Will we see more crosshatching work like your experiment recently? or was that a deadend for you? Crow!
Tell us about your Ghost & Skeleton minicomic
You like the visually absurb? Yes? No?
The LAST Question… Ever… (Pay It Forward)
Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow?
Where can we find their work online?
Rising Sand — RisingSand.glass
Neil LaLond – Mermaid Comics – MermaidComic.com



Jack of Gulls Comic · January 12, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Good listen, good toons. Keep ’em comin’! John’s art is rad.

brian · January 16, 2017 at 11:26 am

John is the man!

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