CCC 258 - The Webcomics Gut Check


Brian DunawayJoel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme  have a Webcomic Gut Check


The Webcomics Business Is Moving on From Webcomics

Article mentions interview with KC Green about why he ended Gun Show
We interviewed KC Green on CC2C Episode 132
“Mr. North’s comics don’t require any drawing and seldom even any image manipulation to speak of, yet they were earning him a living when, trained in computer science, he told the Observer that he started the service because he felt underemployed.” (RE: Dinosaur Comics)

Patreon Webcomics and Getting By

“We’re even in an era now where the one old standby of a successful strip, printed books, even has a question mark next to it, at least for Ms. Gambrell, who recently blogged about whether she should bother to put Cat and Girl Vol. IV and V together for fans.”


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Jack of Gulls Comic · December 22, 2015 at 12:18 am

The web comic gut check episode was a great listen. Really liked the topic if you were the last person on Earth, would you still do comics? I would. For characters to exist, I need to get them down. Paper, Pixels, or post-its, I need to see ’em looking back at me.

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