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CCC 248 - The Bill Robinson Interview

Bill Robinson joins Brian Dunaway and Matthew Ducharme to talk about being a Vis Dev Artist, his work on Disney’s book based on Frozen, the Wonderground Gallery and more


Bill Robinson DelToro art

About the work:

About Artist:
Visual Development artist with 8+ years of industry experience. Passionate about creating unique characters and environments for books, film, television, and games. Able to adapt easily to a variety of styles. I’m confident working alone or as part of a larger team.

 Show Notes:

Greetings Billiam, can you tell us a little bit about yourself ? Brian
I found your work through your Alice in Wonderland piece for WonderGround Gallery. Can you tell us about that? Joel
As long as we are drilling you. What the hell is a Vis Dev Artist? Shutup Joel, I’m asking for the listeners. What do you do all day Bill? I mean the parts that don’t require us all to sign an NDA and a call from Will Wright. Brian
Anna & Elsa Book. Is Sisterhood really the strongest magic? Brian
From the posts on your Tumblr page, you work in both traditional and digital media… Joel
Does your professional proccess for clients differ greatly from your personal process? Joel
As a follow up. Is there a particular style that a client requests that makes you cringe? I’m thinkin especially about game art design…like…hey…can you make it look more like Farmville. Brian
What are some of the challenges designers face when desiging for toys and physical objects vs. characters or environments for film and television? Joel
Quickfire: What’s your favorite traditional tool in your kit right now? (pencil/pen/paper) Joel
Quickfire: What’s your favorite digital tool? (technique/brush/software) Joel
What has been the most educational role you’ve had on a project? What pushed your boundaries? Joel
I noticed there’s a good amount of sketches on lined paper. Boring meetings? Matt
GOONIES, GHOSTBUSTERS, GREMLINS! What other childhood movies did you love? Any that didn’t start with “G”? Matt
Love the mugshots series. Are you much of a history buff? Matt
follow up: teaching video Joel
Which do you find more satisfying; taking one piece to finish, or performing a sketch-dump? Matt
Topic: Fight The Future!
Disney animator Glen Keane draws in VR
Dark Lords of War
Kyle’s Brushes (Gumroad)
Animation Coloborative



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