CCC 242 - The Chris Schweizer Interview
Chris Schweizer bounces by to talk to Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme about his books, Crogan Adventures and 555 Character Drawings, and much more on this episode of Comics Coast To Coast.

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About the Comic:


Crogan Adventures

Brothers William and Charles Crogan may share their parentage, but their perspectives couldn’t be more different. Charles, off at school when unrest in the American Colonies started to reach a tipping point, has kept his allegiance to the Crown. William, on the other hand, has taken up the cause of the Minutemen and other revolutionaries. When the two are thrust back together, they have to determine which comes first: loyalty to their fellow soldiers, or loyalty to their family?

555 Character Drawings

A new art book on matte paper, featuring five hundred fifty-five finished character drawings, all heavily annotated.
92 pages, full color, 8.5×11″.

About Artist:

Chris Schweizer was born in Tucson, AZ at the tail end of 1980 to parents who are both classical musicians. He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Murray State University in 2004, and his MFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, where he went on to teach for five years. He now spends all of his time making comics, and lives in Kentucky with his wife Liz and daughter Penny.
Before becoming a cartoonist Chris was, at various times, a hotel manager, a movie theater projectionist, a guard at a mental institution, a martial arts instructor, a set builder, a church music leader, a process server, a life-drawing model, a bartender, a car wash attendant, a bagboy, a delivery boy, a choirboy, a lawn boy, a sixth-grade social studies teacher, a janitor, a speakeasy proprietor, a process server, a video store clerk, a field hand, a puppeteer for a children’s television show, a muralist, a kickboxer, and a line worker at a pancake mix factory.
Chris has never seen a ghost, but he’s worked in three places that were supposed to be haunted: an old restaurant, an old mental hospital, and an old hotel. When he was in college, he lived in a house that The Week magazine later called “The Most Haunted Place in England.” But the scariest thing he’s ever done was teach sixth grade.
Chris is the cartoonist behind The Crogan Adventures, a historical fiction graphic novel series that has been nominated for two Eisner Awards, and The Creeps, a horror series.

Show Notes:

Howdy Chris, please introduce yourself Brian
Where can our listeners go to see your work? Brian
555 Character Drawings
Tell us about 555 Charater Drawings. Brian
Why 555? why not 556 or why not six hundred and sixty six? oh. Speaking of Satan. In your YouTube pitch video you excluded sex and glamorizing serial killers…I’ve seen the sex requests…but I have never had someone request glamorous serial killers. Do you have stories? Brian
I have a hard copy of 555 coming to me so I haven’t spent TOO much time with the PDF… Joel
I have to know, draw any historical Canadians in there? Joel
Red Panda Adventures Mentioned
What are some of the challenges of making historically accurate character drawings? Joel
How much study time goes into your historical character’s clothing? do you like drawing buttons! Brian follow up
Any thoughts to break the mold and try fantastical or or sci-fi characters in the future? Joel
Crogan Adventures
Tell us about Crogan Adventures Brian
You seem like a man who would like to make some rules and then break them. Have you set any rules for yourself for how much of your writing is fictional and how much is fact? Brian
Crogan’s Aventrues is historical fiction. How much research time vs writing time goes into a new book? Joel
Has that process been cut down over time? Joel follow up
My American history is atrocious. Are the Crogan Adventures set in the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783? Joel
What is it about that time period that peaked your interest as a cartoonist? Joel follow up
Is it challenging to get the dialect right for the time period? Joel
Do you think it presents a challege for readers? Joel follow up
Nuts & Bolts
What are your favorite ways to work? Traditional or Digital? Joel
You preach about keeping – and sharing – artist sketchbooks. How many do you have? Joel
Do you have a preferred brand or type of sketchbook? Joel follow up
What pen is always, always in your kit? Joel
After you got your MFA in Sequental Art from SCAD you hung around for 5 years teaching. Is that the equvilent of forgetting your wallet at a restaraunt and having to wash dishes…for 5 years? Brian
Is it hard to draw while on a boat? Do they name everything on a boat? Brian
Amulet Books
https://www.abramsbooks.com/imprints/amuletbooks/ Joel
https://www.abramsbooks.com/contributor/chris-schweizer_10654919/ Joel – Chris
https://www.abramsbooks.com/product/creeps_9781419713798/ Joel – The Creeps
Shawn Crystal Mentioned



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