CCC 236 - The Tom Dell'Aringa Interview Part 2
Tom Dell’Aringa joins Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his new comic Rock & Tin and saying good bye to his old comic Marooned.

CC2C History:

Tom was previously on Episode 124

About the Comic: Rock & Tin

A stone creature is befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy. Can he overcome his dark nature to make his own choices?
Peto is a stone golem, a magical creature brought to life under mysterious circumstances. The MechMagus is a robotic wizard who discovers Peto in the wilderness. Befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy, Peto must find a way to overcome his nature and be the person he chooses to be.

Rock & Tin Kickstarter


About Artist:

Tom is a lifelong comics and art lover, and has been a professional artist for 25 years. Rock & Tin is his second graphic novel.
One of Tom’s previous projects, Marooned, successfuly kickstarted in 2013. Digital copies of the book are available at MaroonedComic.com


Rock & Tin
When you started posting Rock & Tin online in 2013, you posted “With no schedule, but posting as often as possible.” How did that work out? Joel
What was behind your choice of a simple method of visual storytelling for Rock & Tin? Joel
(Reminds me a little of Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey.)
You opted for a black and white look for Rock and Tin. Was this an asthetic choice? Matt
What’s next for Rock & Tin
Congrats on the full funding (and stretch goal) for Rock & Tin! I thought we could start the show off with discussing; What happens now? Joel
What sort of organization practices do you have for the fullfilment of the Kickstarter campaign? Joel
The Rock & Tin campaign is for printing costs. Can you take us through how you (personally) “build” a graphic novel to this point. Joel
Promoting your comic…
How about a discussion about comic promotion, since it’s always a hot topic and things have really changed. It’s tougher than ever. Tom
Upcoming Projects:
Now that Rock and Tin is done, what’s next? Matt
A little chat about my next project Pong the Mystic Tom
Previous Projects
A quick aside; unlike another science fiction story, Marooned actually completed a five year mission. How did it feel to wrap it up? Matt
In creating Rock and Tin, what were some things that you wanted to do differently from Marooned? Matt
Here’s a wacky, Brian Dunaway-type question; what’s your stance on space mining? Matt



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