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Comics Coast To Coast
CCC 235 - The Artful Resources Episode
Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme discuss web comic and art resources they use frequently.

Brian’s Notes     

me-avatar  LINKS!
Vimeo Everything Animated channel
Ian Higginbotham CC2C Ep 177
Behance Curated Galleries
Sketch Dailies on Twitter.
Google Image Search

Joel’s Notes 

Kienan Lafferty’s YouTube channel (Previous guest on CC2C Ep. 230.)
Jake Parke’s YouTube channel
Scott Robertson’s YouTube channel
Tyler Edlin’s YouTube channel
Will Terrell’s YouTube channel (Previous guest on CC2C Ep. 145.) Now with 120K+ subscibers and over 3 MILLION channel views.
Chris Oatley’s ArtCast
Chris Oatley’s Blog and Podcast for affordable, pay as you go, in depth tutorials with .PSDs, brushes, etc. Anthony Jones & Tyler Edlin have some good ones. The videos are often very specific, which is nice.
DeviantART is a huge inspiration for me. I do try to learn and break down what I see. I also have a rule that I try really hard to keep; I don’t favorite a piece unless I can explain why I like it in a comment to the artist.
(good place to find brush packs too) – Matt
Color Scheme Designer 3
Aobe Kuler

Matt’s Notes 

Matt Kohr’s site (Future guest. Waiting on date.)
Google Images (of course) for visual reference
YouTube and Vimeo for video tutorials. Especially helpful for when you’re trying something tricky for the first time.



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