CCC 230 - The Kienan Lafferty Interview
Kienan Lafferty joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his webcomic Emma.


About the Comic: Emma
There wasn’t a description on the website. Let’s get Kienan to give us the elevator pitch for Emma.
About Artist: (via DeviantART)
Kienan is the Creator and Illustrator of the “EMMA” comic book series and host of The KNKL Show. He has worked as a 2D production artist for RIOT Games.
The characters in Emma have a graphic, design aesthetic, but often backgrounds get a painterly treatment. What’s behind that choice? Joel
Where most long form comics display one page at a time, you’ve opted for a 2-up page layout online. What things did you consider when formatting the site? Joel
“Uh oh. Another post apocalyptic zombie comic.” — Some great concepts in Emma. What makes this comic different? Joel
SkillShare! Tell us about how this works and your experience thus far. Brian
a 2d Production artist at Riot Games in a 3d World? What is your place in this gaming cog over at Riot? Do you work on-site? Brian
Give us a little bit about your background and how you land a job at a gaming studio? Where are the art jobs headed? The kids wanna know! Brian
Webcomic passion or job? or both! Brian
Your videos often talk about being a better artist. Did you decide to do the videos to share what you were already doing kind of like mapping your process or did you decide you wanted to do a YouTube Video thing and this was the subject. Both is also an answer…but it is the weakest answer! Are you weak! Brian
You do a lot of 2d work which makes me think you are a bit old school. But you seem like you are in love with technology…is it a love hate relationship? Brian
You’re a man, working on a comic with a female main character. Have there been any challenges to that, or has it all come naturally? Matt
The opening for Emma is very cinematic. Is that how you see the story in your head? Matt
You recently hit the 200 episode mark on your YouTube channel. What’s your number one take away from making that many shows? Joel
One of the mantra’s you repeat on your show is that you only work for 26min out of every hour. Where did that come from? Joel
Follow up — If it’s not too forward to ask… How do you get anything done? How do you work enough to support yourself? Joel
What inspired you to create the KNKL show? Where do you see it going in the future? Matt
You’re very natural in front of a camera. Any drama club in your past? Matt



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