Today I stumbled across an excellent post over on Major Spoilers and I thought I just had to do a write-up of it over here. I have been listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast for quite a while now and I have been reading their blog and have heard several times about Matthew Peterson’s excellent theory on why time works the way it does in the Marvel Universe. Well the post I stumbled upon over there finally reveals Matthew’s full explanation of why time works the way it does in the Marvel Universe and why Franklin Richards is to blame. The article is incredibly well written and offers an incredible amount of detail, reasons, and fact behind this theory that is really well thought out.

I love crazy conspiracy theories like this and considering this is dealing with a personal passion of mine (comic books), it is a guaranteed grand slam for me. I urge everyone reading this to hit the link and check out the article and ponder to yourself at something Matthew only hints at….if this is why Marvel’s time is so weird then why is DC’s timeline skewed as well?

Source – Major Spoilers


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