On the show this week we talk about the split of Humorous Maximus and the new site comicsz.com

We have Jarrett Osborne from The Pursuit Of Mandy on the show to give his take on the split.

Brian talks about hosting your own comic and gives a few links to get started:

  • Register Your Domain with Godaddy.com.
  • Get a host. May we recommend Hostgator.com
  • Get a Comic Manager. We suggest Comikaze.org
  • Expand your comic universe with a blog. Look into Joomla.org. (You can install this from Fantasico if you picked hostgator as your host) 

This week's Comic Strip Theatre is read from the June 8th 2006 comic of Pork & Bean
 by Brian Dunaway Look it up and follow along as we perform it! 

Justin talks about his webcomic pick of the week: Odds And Ends   by Dosa

The intro music is There Is Gonna Be Some Rockin'  by The F*ckers check 'em out.

{enclose cccep5.mp3}

I hope you enjoyed the show and enjoy the host's comic's:

A Mission Deep by Brian Dunaway

Myth Tickle by Justin Thompson

Booksmarts by Tom Racine

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