con1It's the San Diego Comic Con 2008 Recap, hosted by Justin Thompson and Tom Racine!  We had a blast there this year, wandering around the place and talking to some fun people.  We start off the show recapping our time there, and then we play Tom's interviews with several great people.


Tom: First off, I talk to an old friend of the show, Lex Fajardo , who was at his table with the just released "Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath ."  It's always great to catch up with Lex, so listen in as he lays out his future plans for his epic series!

Then I get a few good minutes with Howard Tayler, the mad genius behind "Schlock Mercenary ."  We chat about his various Con experiences and also about his new podcast over at  It's a 15 minute podcast aimed at genre writers, where he and two published sci-fi/fantasy authors address issues like character development, motivation, plot…all the things you need to learn about to be a successful writer.  He's entertaining as heck, so if you see him at one of the many Cons he talks about, be sure to say hi.con2

con3Next, I get a great 20 minutes with Andrea Romano , animation casting director extraordinaire. "Batman," "Superman," "Justice League," "Tiny Toons," "Freakazoid," and now "SpongeBob"…this woman's done it all, and was delightful and gracious to boot.  We talk about celebrity voice work and how we don't like stunt casting, what it's like to cast a legendary character, and animation voice work in general.

Finally, my old college buddy Walt and I got into a sneak preview of the new Ben Stiller/Jack Black/Robert Downy, Jr. film, "Tropic Thunder."  I had my recorder with me, so we did a quick pre- and post-movie chat just for fun. Great film…I haven't laughed at a comedy like this in a long time.  Highly recommended! Then Justin and I talk some more about the interviews and wrap it up. Got about an hour twenty to waste? Get listenin!





Justin: I plug one of my favorite cartoonists of all time and get his address

Chris Sanders' website is actually and not His comic strip Kiskaloo is at , at least I got THAT one right. 

Anyway, go there and get inspired. Kiskaloo is everything that a cartoon should be. For me anyway.

 My blurb on the con is below this one if you're interested in reading more about it event.

Really, I would recommending carpooling for a year, then putting all of that gas money that you save in a big glass jar, and blowing it all on a great time at next year's ComicCon. But you have to get your ticketrs early, they sell out like, a month in advance.

Just do it! (Sorry Nike) 




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