ImageDue to crap beyond our control we now present Episode 27 – The Andrew Pepoy Interview aka THE LOST CHRISTMAS EPISODE

This week we have the honor of picking Andrew Pepoy's brain for how to be a class act when drawing comics for the 2000's. 

Check out his many  works at :

Simon and Ajax –

 Andrew Pepoy's Personal Site –

 Simone and Ajax –

Jack of Fables –  Wikipedia on Jack Of Fables

 We also talk for a while to Lex Fajardo, author of the tremendous Kid Beowulf graphic novels, to get his well-versed take on the new Beowulf movie.

 Justin makes a Comic Pick of The Week: Mordant Orange by Mike Bannon


{enclose cccep27.mp3}



These are the Comics Coast To Coast guys comics:

A Mission Deep by Brian Dunaway

MythTickle by Justin Thompson

Booksmarts by Tom Racine

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