Comics Coast To Coast #199 - The Kyle Latino Interview
Kyle Latino joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his illustration and comic Sinktown Slink.
Comic Work: Prime 8s, Outlaw Territory, Sinktown Slink
About Artist:
Kyle Latino has been drawing comics since 2009. His first self-published work was GIDEON’S TRIP, which embraced the then new digital format of the iPhone and iPod Touch with a unique scrolling format. His comics work has been published in Image’s anthology OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3, and in Monkeybrain’s digital Comixology exclusive PRIME 8′s.
(Kyle) I’d like to talk about this Comixology/Amazon thing, since Monkeybrain’s digital versions are exclusive to Comixology.
(Kyle) I’d really like to talk about Sinktown Slink
Are you smoking pot or did someone hijack your tumblr page? Brian
It looks like you had to put Sinktown Slink on hold for a while for other work. You sir…need to focus on that comic. It is superb. Brian
(Kyle) I am appearing at Indypop Con and I’ll be sitting on the Indie Comics panel (https://indypopcon.com/indie-comics-round-table/)
So Long Sweetberry has a very classic comic look and feel. (Writing and drawing.) What are some of your comic inspirations? Joel
There’s a kind of black humor to your story so far. Are there any movies or stories that influenced you in that direction? Matt
What artwork or research have you been drawing upon for your look? Matt
Sinktown Slink starts out as a series of seemingly loosely-related gags, but has taken on more of a long form feel. Gag a day, or Long-form? Matt
Comixology Aquired by Amazon:
It makes me wonder what Amazon has coming down the pipes as far as Kindle and Kindle technology is concerned. E-paper for comics? What do you guys think? Joel
“What percentage of Comixology sales is impulse purchases in the app because it’s easy and you want to read more? I bet a lot.” – Scott Kurtz
Free Comic Book Day! May 3rd. Free as in Beer or Free as in Beer Speech? Brian
Horror Comics! Are they making a comeback? or is it still more of an underground scene? Brian
For the birds. Twitter Asks!
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@comicsc2c @kylelatino name five things wrong with the watchmen movie!
LeeCherolis 9:03am via TweetDeck
@comicsc2c Question for @kylelatino, Which is more important in comics, the art or the story? ಠ_ಠ


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