Comics Coast To Coast #181 - The Katie O'Neill Interview
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Katie O’Neill of The Girl from Hell City comic.
The Girl from Hell City By Katie O’Neill
About Artist:
22. Illustrator. New Zealand. I like monster girls and comics.
About The Comic
My current webcomic project, updating once a week. It follows a girl named Wendy who is determined to do something about the state of the city she and her fellow demons are condemned to.


Show Notes:

Based currently in Christchurch, New Zealand
Though my currently running comic is The Girl From Hell City, people might know me better for Princess Princess and Counting Stars
Princess Princess – Two very different princesses who decide to make their own fairy tale.
Counting Stars – A girl makes paper stars whenever she feels lonely, after a dream tells her making 1,000 will grant her a wish.
Currently developing stuff to continue Princess Princess, tell more stories about the girls.
My skype: Katie.Avatar
I noticed two main color themes in your portfolio; bright, bold, often complimentary palettes and softer, dark, subtle palettes. How did you find yourself drawn to these color choices? Inspiration? Joel
Why demons? Or to be specific, why tell a story from a demons point of view? Joel
How far ahead do you write The Girl From Hell City? Joel
Your illustrations almost always have a fantasy element to them. Do you read a lot of fantasy fiction? Any favourite authors? Joel
Can you talk about your creative process a bit? All digital? Mixed media? What are your favourite tools? Joel
You’ve done some short story comics like Don’t Let Go. Personal project? Tell us how that came to be. Joel
Counting Stars is a touching story and a great thing to have as your first finished comic. What prompted you to make it a web comic? Joel
What was the online response like? Joel
Princess & Princess: Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? Phase? Were you ever a tomboy? Do you have royal family over in NZ? Brian
Gender roles is a pretty hot topic in comics, hell in all entertainment right now, why are we so fascinated with this new character angle? Brian
When I was growing up it was all about understanding the other gender. Now it seems we are exploring our own gender definitions and insecurities. Brian
What is your take on Yahoo Serious? Peter Jackson? Have you ever been to Weta? Seen any Hobbits? Is NZ a fantasy land? Local stories? Brian
Princess & Princess: I like the idea that the is more than a physical bond of the the tower that holds our damsel in distress Brian
How much of you is in that Ogre? CREATIVE OUTLET! Brian
Given the number of webcomics you’ve made, I’m assuming you’re one of those people with dozens of ideas swimming around their heads? Matt
You’re clearly an anime/manga fan. Any recommendations? Matt



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