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Comics Coast To Coast
Comics Coast To Coast #175 - The JoshAtomic Interview
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we bring in  from the FrogPants Tadpool to talk a little bit about his artwork.
About Artist:
 I am working everyday to list fun new illustrations that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. Future projects include, classic Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, video games from the 80’s to today, my own crazy creations, and eventually mini-statues dedicated to all of the above!

Show Notes:

Took a look around your Etsy store… Lots of fun images, but it’s not clear what you’re selling. Fill us in! 😀 Joel
So far, I’m only selling matte 5×7 prints. I’m working to expand the items in the shop to paintings, mini-sculptures and other nerdy crafted goods. I have lists of projects that I’m working on, just gotta find the time and resources to get them made and listed. Josh Laptop stickers.
Awesome, we’ll have to get you to talk about these new project ideas on the show. 🙂 Joel Dave Michael for shipping/fulfillment
I assume the Etsy store is your first step toward world domination, what’s step 2? Matt
I’ve seen others with Etsy storefronts. How has your experience been? Easy to use? How does it work? Joel
How have you family and friends been reacting to your efforts to create? Matt
Do you have any heroes you are trying to emulate? Matt
Analyze your twitter followers Brian
schedule your posts Brian
iBook Author Joel
NetworkedBlogs Joel



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