CCC 223 - The Chris Hemsworth Interview
Chris Hemsworth joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about Dear Inner Demon

Dear Inner Demos Body

Dear Inner Demons

About the Comic:
Dear Inner Demons is a weekly webcomic published on Thursdays. It is a comic about brutal truths and obviously, inner demons. Things that we feel and think but rarely say aloud. It is about insecurities and fears and worry and regret, but is meant to help us laugh at all of these things.
About Artist:
Christopher Hemsworth and I am the creator of Dear Inner Demons. I am a graphic designer and illustrator currently living in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can see more of my work at CHRISTOPHER HEMSWORTH CREATIVE.


I know that Dear Inner Demons has been doing very well for a relatively new webcomic. What has that been like for you? Joel
No recurring characters. Have you ever been tempted? c’mon is that a rule or just a guideline. 🙂 Brian
Love and Video Games my 2 favorite humor genres. Tell us about your scared past. Brian
Are you working on new Dear Inner Demons comics? Joel
I noticed when reading on the iPad that the comics work as both a square, and wide screen aspect ratio composition, switching as you rotate the tablet. Was it mobile design, or ease of sharing on social media (often square) that fueled that design decision? Joel
You have prints available via your Society6 Store. I’ve also seen you locally with prints. Are they one and the same? Why Society6 and not your own store? Joel
A quick Google search brings up several popular inetnet news sites that have given Dear Inner Demons a nod. Did you see a bump in attention? Joel
MOVIE: “For No Good Reason” (documentary) about amazing artist Ralph Steadman Chris
BOOK: Box Brown’s graphic Novel about Andre the Giant Chris
Your personal site has a slant toward clean design work, whereas DID has a more rough and sketchy illustrative quality. Which is more comfy? Matt
Video games feature heavily in the strip. What are some of your favorites, past and present? Matt
When coming up with the ideas, do you start with the inner demon, or the character? Matt
We shoud touch on your upcoming talk about comics / webcomics at Podcamp Halifax this weekend. Joel
I know the Herritage Minutes Posters were a huge project for you. Did you see that effect your career in graphic deisgn, or comics, or perhaps both? Joel
We can wrap on this topic. 🙂 Joel
Just Saying
https://kotaku.com/chinese-shows-imitation-of-adventure-time-is-actually-p-1679702484 Brian
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO9Pe7UnHr0 Heritage Min. Superman
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5tU1CrXY-E&index=40&list=PL1848FF9428CA9A4A Heritage Min. Halifax



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