Comics Coast To Coast #220 - The Steve Ogden Interview Part 2
Steve Ogden joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his comic Doctor Magnifico and his various projects.

doctor magnifico cover

CC2C History:
Steve was on episode 104 where we talked about Moon Town.
About the Comic: Doctor Magnifico
BTW- quick link: www.DrMagnifico.com , www.DoctorMagnifico.com , or www.SteveOgden.com/magnifico are easier to remember. – Og
Doctor Magnifico is a comic about a frustrated artist with a loose grip on reality. When his cats aren’t giving him questionable advice on his love life and career, he escapes into fantasy, fueled by the comics he draws.
Unlike Moon Town and Croaker’s Gorge before it, this comic is directly inspired by my life. In particular, there are two cats in my house. One is a friendly, happy, big, furry dog of a cat named Samurai Jack. He’s just happy to know you. Happy to be here. The other is a small, scrawny, skittish little cat named Jilly Mack. She’s not happy to know you, and she’s not happy to be here. She spends most of her time hiding from us.
About Artist:
Steve Ogden has been a writer and illustrator since he could hold a pencil. He’s worked in the video game industry (Cyan, Firaxis Games). He lives in northern Maryland’s horse country with his wife and three children. And he likes to run.


Dr. Magnifico has a very distinct style. Honed over years of experience? Or carefully crafted in a sketchbook for this project? Joel
Is Dr. Magnifico drawn traditionally on paper? Or digitally? Joel
What’s your basic process from script to published comic? Joel
I love that we get to see comic work through Max’s imagination and you get to stretch your art legs with some inspiring art. How did this come about? Joel
Can you name some of your artistic inspirations? (Don’t have to be comics) Joel
The main character is clearly based on the artist who is drawing him, but how deep does the similarity go? Matt
Most comics will have one human, one animal. What made you pick two cats; good cop, bad cop? Matt
Ugly comic quota! (May 22, 2014) — Yes! So true. So frustrating. What say you to those who feel your pain? Joel
What do you find the most frustrating thing is about comics? (Specifically webcomics.) Joel
You display a deep concern for your fellow artists. What would you say is the most important advice for those who are just starting? Matt
How do you get the majority of your client work? Matt
You have an excellent comic about not working for free, could you elaborate on this philosophy? Matt
Other stuff…
Just a note: I hate horoscopes. A lot. I really like your comic from November 11, with the same name. So true! Joel




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