Comics Coast To Coast #214 - The Howard Porter Interview
Howard Porter joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and special guest host Stephen Schleicher  to talk about his comic book career

Howard Porter JLA

About the Comic: Title’s Howard has worked on…
The Ray, Underworld Unleashed, Justice Leage of America, JLA, Flash, Geoff Johns, The Trials of Shazam, Titans, Doc Savage, The Brave and the Bold, Static, Superman Beyond, Justice League 3000.
Fantastic Four
About Artist:
Howard’s first major run on a comic title came with DC Comics’ The Ray (vol. 2) (1994–1995), where he worked with writer Christopher Priest. Shortly afterward, Porter worked on DC’s summer 1995 crossover event Underworld Unleashed, with writer Mark Waid, followed by the Justice League of America relaunch, JLA (1997–2000), with writer Grant Morrison and inker John Dell.[1]
In 2003 to open an artists’ studio with comics artist Ron Garney. Porter returned to comics that year with a six-issue run of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, reuniting with writer Waid.
In July 2004, Porter signed a two-year exclusive contract with DC, and began as regular penciller of The Flash, with writer Geoff Johns and inker John Livesay.
in 2006 he unfortunately injured his hand and had to take time out from comics for recovery.[2]
As of 2012, Howard Porter is still drawing for DC Comics, with recent works including Superman Beyond. In August of 2013, he was announced as the artist on Justice League 3000.


Thought we talked about it at Nerdtacular, should talk about leaving comics to work at the bank and his return Stephen
You worked with Morrison, Waid, Winnick and Johns how different is it working with writers with such well known distinct voices? Stephen
Policies on keeping original art Stephen
Digital or still hand drawn Stephen
When did you catch the art/comic book bug? Stephen
Are you still in touch with Frank McLaughlin? Brian
Frank gave you your first big break into the industry, Do you plan to return the favor to some other bright eye’d kid one day? Brian
Who is higher up on the comic creator food chain? Penciler or Inker? Brian
Comic book hero back stories have become increasingly more complicated over the years. I realized just how complicated when I was reading The Ray’s backstory. I was surprised there was no mention of a coma or amnesia. How far do you dig into the story of a character before you lay pen to paper…or pencil to paper? What’s that process? Brian
Was Underworld Unleashed your first gig where you got to work on the big boys of comics? I mean I like The Ray…but c’mon. The Flash! Did you have to negotiate one soul for one magical pencil with Neron? Where you dissappointed when you found out SuperMan was off world at the time? Brian
When you came back from your banking job you jumped over to Marvel. Was there a comic culture shock? I imagine if you worked for McDonalds for half a decade, grabbed a job at the movie theater and decided to go back a few years later to work for Burger King…you may still be flipping burgers…but the Clown probably does things different than The King. Boy..that sure took a turn. What was my question again…oh yeah…Corporate Comic Culture Shock. Brian
Tell us about your accident? It’s an artist’s worst nightmare to injure the drawing hand. Brian
You drove a bus for a while? What kind? This is totally unrelated…but did you watch The Adventurs of Pete & Pete on Nickelodeon when you were growing up? I imagine it was a bus like that. were you angry? Sit down you little shits! I drew comics for a living! I hate you! Brian
I was reading Justice League 3000 and wondering, are there inks in there? Or are they colored pencil drawings? Joel
Did you get some input on the character design (and costume design) for the look of Justice League 3000? Joel
If so, was it a treat? Or intimidating to re-imagine iconic characters?
You’ve touched some of the biggest heroes in comics, who is your favorite to draw? Joel
Who is on the bucket list?
In JL 3000, Wonder Woman crushes spines and asks questions later. How much real life rage do you channel into her poses and panels? Joel
Bit off topic… just a curiosity…
Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Have you seen it? What do you think? Joel




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