Comics Coast To Coast #209 - The Piper Thibodeau Interview
Piper Thibodeau joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about her art career so far.


Piper kanto cryptid creations


About the Work: Cryptid Creations
Currently working on my student film, Sídhe. Which will come out May 2015
I am also doing some side freelance work on Intel’s “Pocket Avatars” app
Art FAQ from Tumblr
About Artist:
Hi there, my name’s Piper Thibodeau. I’m a 21 year old illustrator and animation student from Montreal hoping to work in visual development and storyboarding.
I am in my final-year of animation school with hopes of becoming a concept artist and fulfilling my own personal projects along the way. I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m really eager to try out new techniques (when I get the time, heh)


You’ve just passed 600 posts in your “Daily Painting Journal”. That’s dedication! What promoted you to start the journal?
How much time each day do you spend painting? (For the dailies.) Joel
Several of your dailies have been linked to the @Sketch_Dailies challenge on Twitter. What’s that experience been like for you? Joel
Do you try to keep up with @Sketch_Dailies, or do you just jump in when the topic moves you? Joel
Recently your dailies have hit on some (now) classic cartoons. Which cartoons did you grow up with and which are more recent discoveries? Joel
Do you ever record your painting process or make process GIFs? Any plans to? Joel
Is there a giant list somewhere of “Things you have to paint for daillies.”? (Not including Pokemon!) Joel
Judging by some of your illustrations, I’m guessing you have a little feathered muse who apparently loves all things apple. Am I wrong? Matt
Upon viewing some of your work, my wife said you are like a softer Tim Burton. Is he an influence on your work? Matt & Lana
Do you remember the first time you drew something and said “Hey! I’m an artist!” Matt
Going through your Deviant Art pics, at some point there’s a noticable jump in quality. Was there an Aha! moment behind that shift. Matt
Art / Process
You have a unique (cute and dynamic) design style of your own. Wondering, who are your biggest influences in character design and concept art? Joel
I’m assuming you do most of your work in Photoshop. Can you walk us through your basic process? Joel
Your favorite go-to Photoshop brush off the too of your head is? … Joel
Your work has the lively quality of sketch work. What’s your method keeping that energy in such highly polished work? Matt
I love your landscapes. Any tips or tricks for background speedpainting? Matt
Sidhe (short film)
Can you give us a teaser about Sidhe? What’s it about? Joel
What is your role on the film? Joel
Have you worked on any animations in the past, or is this your first forey into the world of moving pictures? Matt
Piper’s work process video



Un Ornithorynque dans la piscine · July 20, 2015 at 3:31 pm


The film stop motion looks 2D (or almost) you talking about is this one: (I think)


Joel · July 21, 2015 at 10:12 pm

It’s been a while since we recorded this one, but it makes sense that we may have mentioned The Bear & The Hare with Piper on the show. She’s an animation student after all. (Actually, she’s all done school now!) And you’re right, the short you mentioned is actually both classical and animation and stop motion. Here is a link to a short making of video for The Bear & The Hare.

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