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Comics Coast To Coast #201 - The Kelly Tindall Interview
Kelly Tindall joins Brian Dunaway and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his webcomic Strangebeard.

About the Comic:
Strangebeard is a rollicking ongoing pirate comic that updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. It tells the briny tale of Jenny Brigham, a common servant girl who receives a mysterious hat for her twelfth birthday… A hat that inadvertently sets off a world-spanning quest full of pirates, treasure, and mystery.
About Artist:
Kelly Tindall is a cartoonist, comic-book artist and lecturer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He also writes and draws The Adventurers, a twice-weekly comic about his relationship with his two-year-old daughter.


Nearly 50% of comics Kickstarter projects succeed Brian
Wait! When did Kickstarter open up to Canada? Almost there…so close. FUNDED! Brian
Would you like to talk about your time with Image Comics? Brian
Bob Wayne, Senior VP DC Comics To Leave After Twenty-Eight Years At The Company Brian
Monkey Island. You ever played it? Brian Brian
Cat Beard The Pirate Brian
Ponytail that converts into a beard. Was that part of the Character design before you started the comic? Brian
You draw your friends in your comic from time to time. Do you let them know or do you just do it. Like a pirate…in my pocket. Brian
Do you even like Ninjas? Brian
You are linked up to those top 100 webcomic websites. How is the traffic? Brian
Tell us about “The Adventurers” Brian
What do you think about this Edward Snowden getting his own comic thingy. Brian




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