Comics Coast To Coast #200 - The 200th Episode
Scott Johnson joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to celebrate episode 200! WHAT! 200 episodes! Gah.

About the Comic:
First published in 2001. (Is there an about Extralife blurb anywhere?)
About Artist:
The Rational Optimist (What Scott is reading)
One of your comics is featured in a new (upcoming?) book from George Takei. How did that come to pass? Joel
What is your current update schedule for Extralife? Joel
What are some tips you can share about keeping up your comic work with so much going on in your other creative interests? Joel
ExtraLife is a weekly strip, but has no real reoccurring characters. How did you arrive at this mashup of traditions from single panel and strip cartoons? Joel
In a rough estimate, you have close to 700 comics online. How come you’ve never printed a collection? What about a digital book? Joel
You have to design new characters almost every week. What are some of the challenges that presents? Joel
A recent favorite: Joel
The same can be said of the Superman / Batman movie slated for 2016.
Did you see the batmobile shot from earlier today? Thoughts?
On June 17th, ExtraLife hits 13 years. First, whoa… Congrats! Second, ever go back and read your old stuff? Joel
When did you make the switch to all digital? Joel
What’s your favorite thing about making ExtraLife every week? Joel
Fan art time. Which subject do you choose? Superman, Hawkeye, or Adventure Time? Joel
You have a podcast called Comic Dorks. Are you a dork? What is new on the Comic Book front? Comixology! Brian
What do you think about the new Gotham TV show. No Batman! No Supervillans! What’s the point? Brian
Have you been following the Marvel Dark Tower series? Brian
What do you think about BatFleck and his Snyder Mobile? Brian
You seem to be very observant of internet psychology. What are some of the behaviors you spot all the time? Matt
You have a few comics that show how opinionated the internet can be. In general, do you think this tends to help or hurt the subject of opinion? Matt
You reference current events from the geek world often in you work. Are you ever frightened of falling behind the trends? Matt
Rational Optimist:




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