Comics Coast To Coast #198 - The Meredith McClaren Interview
Meredith McClaren joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about her illustration career and to fill us in on her webcomic Hinges.
 McClaren Hinges
About The Artist:
Meredith McClaren is an illustrator and cartoonist who has no business doing either. She sometimes entertains the idea of drawing the fourth book in Jen Van Meter’s Hopeless Savages series. Supposedly she has a postal code in Arizona, but really, she could be anywhere.
Oh. And don’t touch her stuff. Seriously.
Your color choices are very subtle. What are you thinking as you choose your colors? Joel
The backgrounds in Hinges are incredibly detailed in most shots. Are you using any tools to keep things so tight? Joel
With your main character Orio so quiet at the start (104 pages without a word) you achieve a lot with panels and pacing. What are your comic influences? Anyone in particular spark the minimal dialogue approach? Joel
Fun design work on the Bauble dream back story (p24). What prompted that shift in design? Joel
Over the course of the comic you seem to be hitting quite a few conventions. How do you find that experience? Worth the effort and expense? Joel
Are you writing Hinges as you go? Do you have a loose outline? Or a tightly honed plan? Joel
What are some of the challenges you’ve faced drawing Hinges? (Layout? Character design?) Joel
Did Hinges start with a character doodle? Bauble perhaps? Or did you come up with more of the story at one time? Joel
You published the first book for HInges last year (May 2013) through a Kickstarter campain. Was that your first Kickstarter as well? What was that like for you? Joel
I noticed on Hinges Book II: Paper Tigers that you have original line work for sale. I was thinking digital the whole time I read Book I. Can you fill us in on your working process? Joel
Did you excel at art collages in school? Brian
You are not afraid to intersect your lines. I can’t help but to think this helps your speed. Brian
So really…what’s up with the Hinges? are they marrionettes? is it a metaphor for an oppressive regime? Brian
Did you study a lot of about marrionettes? any passion there? Brian
Are you a Studio Ghibli Fan? Brian
How many Odds have you designed? Brian
Tell us as about your illustration work. You recently did some artwork for Adventure Time. Tell us about that. Brian
How was Emerald City Comic Con? Brian
Tell us about your Itties. Brian
I think you guys pretty much have everything covered. I’ll just chime in if I think of something. Matt





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