Comics Coast To Coast #194 - The Lee Cherolis and Ed Cho Interview
Lee Cherolis and Ed Cho join Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about their collaborative comic Little Guardians.
 Little Guardians
Little Guardians
About Artist:
Lee Cherolis is responsible for everything visual about Little Guardians. Character designs, pencils inks, shading, website graphics, etc… Lee first co-created Little Guardians with Ed Cho while they were playing video games at Ed’s house back in 2008.More about Lee -Lee is an Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, and obsessive film, television, and motorcycle enthusiast. Lee organizes Indianapolis’ local comic artist and writer meetup, the Indy Webcomics Group.
Ed Cho is the writer for Little Guardians, responsible for all of the comic’s scripts and story development. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BA in Rhetoric and Film Studies. Ed first co-created Little Guardians with Lee while trying to prevent him from drinking all of Ed’s beer back in 2008.More about Ed -From 2007 to 2011, Ed created a webcomic inspired by his cats at www.alandscout.com.
About The Comic
Little Guardians tells the story of two young people switched at birth and now unknowingly living each other’s lives. Subira was supposed to be the next Guardian of Yowza Village, but she was born a girl. Instead she lives a quiet life working at The Item Shop never knowing what should have been. Idem trains to be the next Guardian and tries his best to be the warrior he was never meant to be. How will the next generation survive the choices made for them as strange incidents start plaguing the village and demon attacks appear to be on the rise?

Show Notes:

Detecting some anime influences in the writing and pacing. Yes? Faves? Joel
You obviously like to sprinkle a does of silly humor in your comics. Why not a serious tone? Joel
What is your collaborative process like? Walk us through the writing – and then some of the art production unique to Little Guardians. Joel
Established a sketchy style to your art early. Out of necessity? Blessing in disguise? Joel
Lee, the more LG I read the more it feels like a storyboard. Any experience or desire in that area? Joel
At some point in the story you imply that the setting might be Earth in the distant future. Care to elaborate? Matt
You have quite a few interesting demons. Are any of them inspired by existing mythology? If not, how do you dream them up? Matt
Do the two of you occasionally butt heads over story or artwork? Matt
There’s a few references to video game rpgs. Any favorites? Matt
Your writing seems to be self aware. Were you aware of that? Is that from studying film so much? Does everything sound like a cliche to you? Brian
you draw horses real good. Did you go to school for that? Did you buy that Jack Hamm Animal Book? is there anything you hate to draw? Brian
Death! Baby Swapping! c’mon! Any blow back from readers, George RR Martin? Brian
What are your tools as an artist? as a writer? Brian
Are you spiritual? Brian
Lee, tell our listeners more about the Indy Webcomics Group you run in Indianapolis… Joel
Biosphere? Seriously? Joel
Kyle Latino’s Site for notes: https://www.ktino.com





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