Comics Coast To Coast #188 - Host Show - Social Media For You
On this episode of Comics Coast to Coast Brian gets snowed in and Joel and Matt discuss Facebook, Google+ and other social media hooha for your enjoyment and education….and…

Show Notes:

Facebook video:
The Problem With Facebook by Veritasium (Channel2)
Google+ Community
From the Google+ Community:
From P. J. Day
This is deceptively difficult environment to market a comic strip, despite the a boon of social media outlets. Facebook is limited to your friends list and it’s dying. My feed reaches my daughter and some crack-pot lady who posts articles about the Illuminati. Twitter is deceptive. It looks like your getting all this attention when you have 100 followers, but I really can’t say how much traffic I have gained based on my Twitter updates and followers. Google Plus has some potential because you can post to groups and a wider audiance and they seem more responsive than Facebook groups.
What I have found recently is, unlike newspaper syndicates that might reach an un-targeted audience of thousands, the social media marketing tools I’m using has gained me focused, more intimate audience. Most of those of my readers are artists from web comics I personally follow and comment on their sites. This has been the biggest contributor of readers on my site. networking directly on other artist’s sites. However, they are all a part of the same inner circle… and that’s really ok. Ultimately, It’s all about exposure to and audience that’s interested in your material, and that’s exactly what I have.
From James Francis
I think it is still hard to quantify the impact of social media, but rather damned that you do than don’t. Social media creates quasi-gated communities who can grow to be nice captive audiences. The question is what you should spend your energy on.
Tip: Share resources
Tip: Participate in groups/events. Ex: @sketch_dailies
Tip: A rule I have created for myself is to only favorite art on deviantART if I can articulate why and then write that as a comment.
Matt’s Notes
Tip: Asking questions.
Tip: Find fans that you’re talking to and post it to another venue. (Fan site, etc.)



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