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Comics Coast To Coast #180 - The Laura K. Interview

Laura Knetzger joins Brian Dunaway and Matthew Ducharme to talk about here all ages webcomic Bug Boys

bug boys description

Laura K
About Artist:
Laura K was born in 1990 and grew up in a forest near Seattle. Read her blog. Send her a nice letter or hire her to draw something for you at list:
Featured artist on
Ray Ray Books
Visual Opinion Magazine
Boom! Studios
Random House

Bob Guigleillmo Memorial Scholarship, 2012.
Graduated School of Visual Arts with honors, 2012.
Boom! Studios
Comics For Dogs
Fire Stone
Collab Writing on Anthology Work
Watercolor. Digital?
You an Achewood fan? Did antyone know who you were for Halloweeen? Plus I got depression.
Beetle Queen Conquers Japan
card captor sakura
You love the watercolor. Is it is real watercolor or digital? Brian
What inspired Bug Boys? What made you decide to keep it family friendly? Matt
I take it that you have a capture and release policy for the bugs in your home, am I right? Matt
Most of the Bug Boys comics are in black and white. Was that a time saving strategy? Matt




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