Comics Coast To Coast #178 - The Geneviève FT Interview
On this episode of  Comics Coast to Coast we talk to Illustrator and pin up artist Geneviève FT 

Ghoulevieve FTGeneviève is a cheerful illustrator and pin up artist from Montreal, Canada. She studied animation for 6 years, creating and producing no less than seven short films. During those years, she discovered a passion for concept art and illustration. She worked in the animation and the game industry for more than 4 years now. She is presently working freelance in multiple fields like animation, games, magazine illustration and comics.

For the past 4 years, she self-published her own pin up calendar and, this summer, she will release her very first artbook called Dames, a collection of pin up art created during the years 2012-2013.

In her spare time, Genevieve loves doodling curvy ladies and petting her pet bunny. Her favorite tools? Col-erases and color pencils ! Although, she also likes playing with gouache and watercolors !


Show Notes:

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First, I think these drawings are BEAUTIFUL. I’m curious though, have you ever had to deal with criticism of your dames? (“Nudity” <partial> , sexy poses, etc.)
How did you choose the format and materials for the book? (Linen paper, etc)
This is your first mini publication. How does it feel to have a tangible book out there for people to hold?
What was your biggest challenge on the project? (Layout? Printing? Fulfillment? Distribution?)
How much of your time would you say is spent on personal projects vs. client work? How do you divide your time?
Earlier this year you spent a month in Toronto to take an Imaginism painting course. What was that experience like?
What was the most important thing you took away from the course?
I noticed your participating in INKtober as well. How has the experience been for you so far?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of your finished work is digital. How has it been hitting pen and paper every day?
The illustration “By the Lighthouse” is really wonderful as well as very detailed. Who was it for and how long did it take?
In terms of subject matter, you’re one of the most focused artists I’ve seen. What is it you find so fascinating about the female form?
Follow Up: Do you worry at all about being pigeon holed?



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