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Comics Coast To Coast
CCC 319 - The Christmas Special SPECIAL

Join Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan, Matthew Ducharme and Hammond Chamberlain for the Annual Christmas Episode. It’s The Christmas Special SPECIAL where we remember our favorite regular animation series Holiday Specials.


Hammond Chamberlain and and
Show Topic
Brian’s Notes
Joel’s Notes
He-man / She-Ra
Couldn’t get through it. Couldn’t get 10min into it honestly.
(GUEST) Notes
Were there powers used at all in the x-men? (except for healing and cyclops shooting vegitables out of the air.) x-men music from movie.
He-Man was hard to watch. The music brought back all kinds of memories.
what the smurf did we watch? Why does everyone want to kill them? That song. Kidnapping… pretty dark. This was a long 27 min.


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