CCC 312 - The Scott Brown Interview

Matt Brown sits down with Joel Duggan to talk about his work on Dynamite’s Fruit Ninja Comic, Illustrations and More..


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About the artist:

Scott has produced work for television commercials, magazines, toys and comics. He spends his free time at his drafting board working on creations of his own.

About the work:

Where to find: Social media links, etc.
Scott Brown


Tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and what you do…
What’s your role on the Fruit Ninja comic from Dynamite?
The earliest “big moment” in any sort creative capacity as winning a national writing contest in 8th grade for my satire of Star Wars called “Star Warped”. Yeah, I peaked early…
When did you first get into comics?
…My first foray into comics was an independent comic in the early 90’s based on a real life rock band whose “thing”was dressing up as girls. A very “Rocky Horror” metal band led by a transitioninglead singer. It was an incredibly awkward way to break into comics
…I was involved in the early stages of adapting of George Martin’s “The Hedge Knight” into comic form when it was being developed by The Dabel Bros-remember them?-before they sold it to Marvel Comics. Man that was a roller coaster of a ride before ending badly.
…That experience led me to just turn away from comics until a letter out of the blue from Skottie Young gave me the fire again. This happened when he was first starting OZ. His work really gave me hope. STill talk to this day, and he’s still yelling at me to put out my own comic stories, hehe
…Met Fruit Ninja Writer and former Marvel editor Nate Crosby after tweeting him some sample work. He soon hired to draw the Angry Birds comic strip last year thats still waiting to see the light of day.
…That led me to my work on Fruit Ninja, the three issue series from Dynamite that started last month.
…I nearly deleted the offer from The Bright art agency in March, thinking it was one of many rejection letters that came my way for nearly a decade.
What comics did you read growing up?
…I guess the thing I know most about is the struggle of trying to make it as an artist. Decades of almost’s and rejection and finally getting onto the shelves at the age of 46, something I’ve dream’t about since first reading Bloom County as a 12 yr old.
Who or what would you say are some of your modern artistic or creative influences?
How long have you been working with the Bright Agency?
How has working with an agent changed your professional life?
Are you participating in Inktober?
The LAST Question… Ever… (Pay It Forward)
Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow? my good friend Grant Harris
Where can we find their work online?Themacrat.com
Donal Delay


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