CCC 303 - The It's About Time Wonder Woman Episode

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Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme discuss DC Extended Universe’s Wonder Woman (2017) movie and more…

Wonder Woman & DC Movies
Brian’s Notes
Love the theme song.
I am not a fan of bookends in movies. I didn’t need this one either.
Was not thrilled with Themyscira in general But it had some amazing scenes
Didn’t really need Kid sized Wonder Woman. Made me kind of not like her.
I had a problem with Ares Mustachio
Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant during filming
DC Extended Universe vs MCU
Name Wonder Woman’s Best Power, lamest. How did it work in the movie.
Joel’s Notes
Justice Leauge (Trailer)
I’m a Jason Mamoa fan, but not really digging his Aquaman.
The movies looks like it’s going to try extra hard. 🙁
Wonder Woman
I really liked it!
Pros (and there are a lot)
Great acting from all the main characters.
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine actually blew me away.
Gal Gadot was meant to play this role. I had a good feeling from Batman v. Superman (a great part for her in a not so great movie) but she knocked it out of the park for this.
Great range. Half the time you want to clash gauntlets with her, “THAT was AWESOME” and other times you want to hug her and say, “It will be alright.”
I really enjoyed the innocent moments. (Ice cream)
Good story!
It didn’t suffer from too many crazy plotlines despite the fact that we’re dealing with gods and myth and a bit of magic.
It didn’t get “comic book weird”, which I think makes it more accessible.
Plus, generally people “get” the pantheon of Greek Gods.
There was real heart in the message; the horrors of war, the mysteries of evil men, hopelessness in the face of tragedy.
The love scene with Diana and Steve was handled with passion, poise and class. Well done!
They also did the heroic scenes very well. Great music. Great moments. Costume reveal (maaaaaaybe less slomo there)
The town saving fight was great for the most part. Loved seeing Diana tear around through buildings.
Can Wonder Woman fly? There have been different versions if memory serves. They don’t actually show you for sure in this film.
Great music!!!!
Pretty much every actor playing a German was terrible.
WHY did no Germans actually speak German? I’d be happy reading subtitles.
Seriously, she left her sword on the roof? Then didn’t realize it and reached for it? Felt like it would have been a good sparring gag with the fellas but not in one of the “end fights”
End fight No. 1. Terrible.
But No. 2 was great. (minus some slow parts)
Gumby green screen amazons at the beginning had me really worried. It’s not good. At least it’s short.
There were some other terrible CG moments later in the film but they’re not as blatant as the beginning.
The CG sticks out when compared to and also pale in comparison to the actual fight scenes with actors. MORE of that please! Use CG when she leaps or throws a tank, but I don’t need a slow-mo-CG-side kick where you can clearly see that it’s not Gal Gadot.
I get that’s it’s The War, but man was most of this movie grey. Even Wonder Woman’s costume started to get muddy closer to the end of the film. Bit too much.
Started watching the Injustice 2 Story cut scenes on YouTube.
The animation is surprisingly bad – but the voice acting is cool.
Super over the top comic trans dimensional alternate universe story.
Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE is in armour.
Still… I find these (Injustice 1 and 2) strangely compelling. You still want to know how they save the day.
Matt’s Notes
Love the amazon casting choices, especially Robin Write
Pretty good job of keeping things grounded and fairly believable
Addressed sexism without being heavy handed about it.
Love WWI as a setting. Don’t often see it in movies.
Didn’t really like the over the top Aries fight at the end. A little too much.
Ultimately not a terrifically memorable film. Few real stand out scenes.
I kinda wish the love story wasn’t in there. I get why they put it in, story-wise, but I could’ve done without.



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