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CCC 288 - The Rankin/Bass Holiday Roundtable Episode

Returning guests Robb Mommaerts and Hammond Chamberlain join Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme in a roundtable discussion about Rankin/Bass’ Stop Motion Holiday Classics.

Rankin Bass Stop Motion Christmas Specials
What is your favorite Rankin Bass Christmas special?
Brian’s Notes
The Rudolph Era (1964)
Those Christmas songs you loved in this special, including the title song, were orchestrated by a jew. Silver and Gold…Silver and Gold…thanks Johnny Marks…the most jewish sounding name ever.
Except for Burl Ives all voices/songs were performed by Candians…what is that all aboot?
Favorite Scene in Rudolph?
Joel’s Notes
My favorite is “Santa Clause is Coming To Town”. I always liked the idea of a young Santa and Mrs. Clause.
Plus, Fred Astaire as narroator and delivery man is pretty classy.
Kill me now Rudolph
The Canadian Voices Behind a Christmas Classic
Kubo And The Two Strings: Behind The Scenes Time Lapse
Hammond’s Notes
Rudolph’s voice is a a kid, the girl’s is like a trained 30 yr old.
sound pallet get old after watching a few in a row.
The animation style is a mixed bag, sometimes it’s really smooth and pretty, other times, it’s pretty rudamenrty
I can tell they had a stable of talent they pulled from like Rocky and Bullwinkle. But I like rocky and friend’s voices better.


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