Season 10
Season 10
CCC 284 - The Dan Dougherty Interview

Dan Dougherty joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme to talk about his award winning syndicated comic Beardo, Teaching & his graphic novel Touching Evil


About the artist:

Dan Dougherty is a self described self made cartoonist. Among his many artistic accomplishment Dan created the award winning syndicated comic Beardo. Dan has been tirelessly working in the comic industry since 2003 and has been in love with comics his entire life. When untethered from his drawing board Dan can be found at any number of comic conventions across the county, teaching how to make comics at the International School Of Comics In Chicago or writing and performing with his band On The Off Chance.

About the work:
Beardo follows the adventures of a plucky cartoonist with a knack for finding the punchline in everyday life. An ongoing comic since 2006, Beardo chronicles nearly every aspect of growing up: working retail, bad break-ups, chasing dreams, body issues, getting married, starting a family and wondering if the pets talk when no one is around.

See why Beardo has been a fan favorite for NINE years, and is the back-to-back winner of the Shel Dorf Award for Best Syndicated Comic Strip in 2012 and 2013.

Where to find: Social media links, etc.


Hey Dan! Can you tell us a little bit more about your amazing comic Beardo?
What motivated you to start Beardo?
How has Beardo changed your life Dan?
If you could go back in time and tell young Dan anything about Beardo what would that be?
How is the art scene in Chicago?
Hi Dan, Would you mind telling us about your upcoming workshop “The Art of Making Comic Strips” at International School of Comics in Chicago
Doug Klauba Painter Moonstone books | Jill Thompson
What interested you to teach?
Is this your first workshop? if yes – What are you expecting? if no – What was your last workshop and what was it like?
Any advice for those who want to teach what they know?
Where do artists sign up for the workshop?
Hola Dan, What tools are you using to create Beardo? Are you all digital? Partially digital or all old school pen to paper?
Why did you decide on those tools?
How has your process changed over time and why?
Any advice for the artists out there? Do’s and Don’ts 101 with Dan Dougherty
What elevates a good story to epic story…in comics?
You have some pretty fleshed out characters in Beardo. Do you have a philosophy on how to create memorable characters?
Why did you decide on these characters and not a comic about “internet sensation” cats? (Dogs are better?)
Beardo has been “alive” for some time now and like all living things it must adapt. Have your characters adapted? Or are they in a bubble of time unrelated to our own? We are talking about comics…right?
Creating characters. Where should I start?
How to write a punchy punchline with punch? Asking for a friend.
Touching Evil Volume One The Graphic Novel
On a more serious note, could you fill us in on Touching Evil: The Hardcover Graphic Novel?
What inspired you to take on such an ambitious project?
Volume One is out. Was it all you had hoped for? What is the status of Volume 2 and how is it going?
What is step one for creating a graphic novel?
Do you have any other upcoming/existing projects, appearances or books you would like to talk about?
This is the part where we ask you if you would like to recommend a fellow comic creator.
Jill Thompson. Allie Canterella. Dirk Manning. Brian ________ . Mike Norton.
On The Off Chance – Dan’s band. Facebook Page.
For Further Discussion or Rapid Fire
Do you have a particular era of newspaper comic strips that really speak to you? Who really shaped the market during their careers? Milestones?
How does a story arc in a comic strip differ from books or movies? What is a good pacing for completing an arc? 2 weeks? a month? a year? Do you have some successful examples or spectacular failures?
How much of a comic strip buff are you? I mean do you go all the way back to the Katzenjammer Kids?
Is anything offtopic or too taboo for Beardo?
Syndication? How does that work in a modern and polite society? Seriously? Are rejection letters still a thing? How was the experience? Advice?
Flashback Friday on gocomics: Is that a relief valve for cartoonists?
How do you feel about Nickelback?
Pupils, overrated?
Maintaining a beard is hard work. Have you ever made a bad beard grooming choice? Consequences?
Thank you and where can people find you on the internet?
Where can people find you on the internet? Social Media and Such


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