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CCC 279 - The Tom Racine Returns From SDCC 2016 Episode

Tom Racine joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme to talk about San Diego Comic Con 2016 as well as his latest project The Rational Nerd


SDCC: Cosplay | Comics | Craziness
Brian’s Notes
What is the state of Tall Tale Radio?
Did you snag any amazing interviews while you were there?
Did you meet any new and upcoming artists? How about old and tired?
Any new animation or hero movies/tv we should be watching for that you got to experience first hand?
I heard you did some cosplay this year. How did that work out for you? Tell us a story!
Joel’s Notes
This was your first year attending SDCC in costume yes? As much fun as it looked from the outside?
Was this year at SDCC any different compared to previous years with regards to content and presentations?
What was your favorite take-away from SDCC?
NOTE: Chris Schewizer link to Tom.
Matt’s Notes
What was the state of the Artists’ Alley this year?
The last comic con I went to seemed more about hanging out than making purchases. How was commerce at the con?
What was the strangest cosplay you saw?
If you could change one thing about your experience, what would it be?
(GUEST) Notes
Lots of great stuff outside the Con now; you could not have a ticket and still have a blast
New RISC chip cards worked out great; in and out easy with kiosks you’d touch the card to. Less hassle and lines.
Attendence seemed down, maybe? That might be due to new cards/crack down on fake badges? Still packed, of course.
Saw some original Frazetta paintings and Bernie Wrightson pages. Good lord.
Was great fun to see Lucas Turnbloom’s Con…new graphic novel launched; signings, panels, etc.


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