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CCC 271 - The Eduardo Vieira Interview

Eduardo Vieira joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme to talk about 2D Character Design and Illustration from Brazil and beyond.

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About Artist:

Eduardo is a brazilian 2D Character Designer and Illustrator, trying to find his place in this big world. He also likes eating pizza, silly movies, 80-90’s music and playing Street Fighter.

Show Notes:


Are you as obsessed with video games as your artwork would seem to indicate? What titles (other than Street Fighter)?
You have a lot of Street Fighter fan art. Who’s your favorite character to draw?


– Not sure if it’s a good topic, but working methods, how developed own style (since it’s something people keep asking frequently), how’s the workflow etc. More technical questions which can be helpful to some people – I’m thinking this coz it’s quite a regular question in the area / How my work came into spotlight and to be known, in and out of Brazil
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on developing your style! We cover techincal stuff a lot on the show. It would be nice to talk about your personal, artistic development.
As a freelancer, what is your daily studio routine?
Unlike most concept artists I’ve seen, you seem to bring almost every idea to a fairly complete drawing? Reason?
Most of the stuff you draw is very sketchy. Is that for speed or asthetic reasons? Both?
You share a lot of your thumbnailing process on tumblr. Have you ever had trouble re-creating that thumbnail magic in a finished piece?
Have you always been comfortable with a brush and ink? What were some of the hurtles when you first started using a brush?

Upcoming Projects

– Independent Artbook, Comic Appearances (in Brazil), Personal Projects (comic book), Work goals, Work as a Freelancer, Working for Harper Collins as illustrator for books until 2018 (TBA/TBR book series)

Discount Code

PS: I’ve made the discount code in my online store as we talked about. The Discount code is CC2C5ME – It’s a 5.00$ discount that applies in the purchase of my Artbook, Lovely Darkness Vol.2. The book is regularly 22.00$ and drops down to 17.00$ when used. There are 10 coupons available and the discount becomes available ONLY if there’s a book in the cart (prints doesn’t get the discount). We can announce the discount code when we announce the store down below (“Where can listeners support project?”)
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The LAST Question… Ever… (Pay It Forward)

Can you share an artist you are a fan of for our listeners to follow?

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