CCC 264 - The Seven Deadly Sins of Webcomics Episode

Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme discuss The Seven Deadly Sins of Webcomics.

Brian Dunaway and Maxx Cat


The Seven Deadly Sins of Webcomics

Brian’s Notes

Black history month in the US.
G. Willow Wilson Accepts the Second Annual Dwayne McDuffie Diversity in Comics Award for MS. MARVEL
A Sampler Of Web Comics To Keep You Clicking
Your Webcomic Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Joel’s Notes

That seven deadly sins article is a really “non-constructive”, lash-out-y, embodiment of what’s wrong with the internet.
It’s also dated.
What would the CURRENT seven deadly sins of webcomics be?
1) Consitent posting. – Super guilty of this one here. Many reasons.
2) Super-duper in jokes. – When I need to know the last three years of your comic to understand why a character rolling their eyes is supposed to be the punchline.
3) Long form comic posts that are just title pages or splash pages.

Matt’s Notes

Updated 7 Deadly Sins:
Pride – the assumption that your webcomic is fantastic and deserves to be a huge success. Over marketing.
Envy – comparing your level of success with comics that have been around for years and accumulated massive fan bases.
Wrath – trash talking other creators.
Gluttony – being too busy reading other webcomics / watching shows / etc to find time to create your own.
Lust – wanting to be like another comic so badly, that you immitate it a little too closely.
Sloth – one of the worst. Being too lazy to work on your comic consistently.
Greed – Ads…ads as far as the eye can see.


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Jack of Gulls Comic · March 13, 2016 at 11:21 pm

Good listen. It’s crazy how fast the world of web comics have changed in nine years. Keep on with the comics!

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