CCC 260 - The First One Of Season 10


 Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme kick off Season 10 of Comics Coast To Coast. Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers happen!

2016 Resolutions & Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Brian’s Notes
Where I failed in 2015 and new opportunities in 2016
Failed an avatar for YouTube. Lost a customer and a fan.
What I learned -> Don’t take on jobs you don’t know how to do especially if you are a perfectionist.
time to draw a comic
Star Wars
I saw it a second time
Biggest complaint. Rehash of the original. Please don’t screw this up.
Joel’s Notes
Star Wars
Star Wars makes me feel like a kid again. Adulting is a pain in the ass.
I saw it twice and actually had less issue with the little things the second time around.
I’ve listened to a lot of podcast spoiler shows about Star Wars and even done my own.
I want Star Wars LEGO to be less expensive.
Matt’s Notes
Side Note – I’ve always been curious about this; a comic series based on George Lucas’s rough draft for Star Wars:
(GUEST) Notes



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