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CCC 251 - The Frank Hansen Interview


Frank Hansen joins Brian Dunaway and Joel Duggan to talk about Frank’s Lino-zign project, webcomics, books, illustrations and more!

About the work:
I draw daily cartoons about technology, entertainment, business and the basic shortcomings of being human. Because life is too short to take too seriously, and we all need to take a breath now and then, and just laugh, or smile. Humor really is good medicine, I’m serious, I’m doing it right now and I feel amazing!
Also, I create what I call “Lino-zign,” which is an abstract line art with a punch of color. Although this art may not make you laugh, many people have found these pieces beautiful enough to hang in their homes and galleries.

About Artist:
Born & raised in Reno, Nevada; aka: Biggest Little City in the World (actually no one from Reno likes that slogan, but what are you going to do), drawing cartoons at all the wrong times for friends, school and any local newspaper that would print them. Soon after, I abandoned “sin city” for the hills of San Francisco and the artificial charm of Los Angeles; where I now reside with my wife, daughter, and dog and the ongoing threat of more dogs in the future.

Show Notes:

Frank can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where listeners can see your work?
What is The Mean 16?
Can you describe your lino-zign work? What’s your artistic mission there?
Can you tell us about your experiences with local newspapers? In your opinion Are they a factor in today’s internet centric society?
Talk a little about the current style of humor and art in many of the popular comics online and TV animation
(there is much more emphasis on dialogue and less on action, and it feels more and more that the comics and animation medium are used simply as a platform to tell a joke or story)
Has your humor style undergone a significant change since you became a parent?
Do you believe you can study humor like you can study art? Growing up, Humor was either something you had or had not.
Do you read/watch/consume the news a lot for material? Or do you just skim social media?
How does an artist/writer keep from spending too much time consuming and not enough time creating? Do you have a formula?
What tools are you using these days to make your cartoons?
Do you license your cartoons to print and/or web publications?
(If so, what does that process look like in 2015?)
How much time do you spend drawing vs. time writing?


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