CCC 247 - The Piers Baker Interview

Piers Baker  joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his comic Ollie and Quentin and much more…

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About the Comic:

Ollie and Quentin is a buddy comic about the unlikely friendship between a seagull and an adventurous lugworm. They treat us to their bird’s eye and worm’s eye views of the bizarre human world in which we live. Ollie and Quentin are best friends despite the obvious food chain disparity that suggests Ollie should be more interested in Quentin as a snack rather than as a friend. They both live in the pretty coastal town of Bigley Bay with Nobby, an affable single guy who serves as both foil and witness to their silly, mischievous high jinks. From GoComics.com

About Artist:

Piers Hans-Peter Baker is a British cartoonist best known for his comic strip Ollie and Quentin, distributed by King Features Syndicate, about the curious activities of a seagull and a lugworm. From Wikipedia.
The eldest of five children, Baker was a boarding school student in Surrey and Somerset. During a year of volunteer work in Egypt, he survived a plane crash. Back in the UK, he began studying at the Epsom School of Art. After he accidentally left his artwork on a train, he chose to leave college and instead seek employment. From Wikipedia.
He began his career as the junior member of a small advertising agency where he developed his graphic design skills and eventually launched his own graphic design firm, specializing in food packaging illustration and design. As he recalled, “In the years following, I helped run a small design agency where my specialty was designing ice lolly wrappers. Much of my work can still be seen in trash cans around the UK and Europe. In 2000, I decided to pursue my lifelong ambition of becoming a cartoon illustrator and have been working as an illustrator of children’s schoolbooks ever since.” From Wikipedia.

Show Notes!

About The Artist
Piers, can you tell us a little about yourself. Brian
It’s not often that we have the opportunity to interview a syndicated cartoonist. What has your syndication experience been like? Joel
Are you working with ink and bristol? Or cruizing along with a digital workflow? Joel
I see you have worked on Doodle-Ads. Brian
Oldest of 5 kids. Brian
Which character do you think most accurately represents your own personality. (my guess Nobby) Brian
Are you still with King Features Syndicate? I noticed you are on gocomics.com isn’t that owned by Universal Uclick? Brian
Your personal site is loaded with comic strip style imagery. Do you ever want to veer off in a completely different direction? Matt
You’ve done some packaging design. It must be a kick to see something you’ve done on a store shelf. Matt
One of your latest Ollie and Quentin comics featured a couch fort. Did you set one up…you know… for reference? Matt
Trash Can Artwork 😉 Joel
Shaun The Sheep (The Movie) – Aug 5 (USA) Aug 7 (CAN) Joel
Ollie and Quintin Book Joel
Esme Tatoo work!
Facebook: esmebakertattoo
Instagram: @esmebakertattoo



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