CCC 245 - The Steve Masseroni Interview
Steve Masseroni  joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about The Silver Cord and his comics journey.

Silver Cord Heroes and Villians

About the Comic:

Financed by fans, this huge graphic novel is the coming-of-age story of a teenage girl. Set in a unique and original world filled with both angels and robots, her story is a page-turning techno-epic that recounts the clash between self-conscious robots and a million different species of angels. While pure cinematic fantasy, the story anticipates the real issue of whether machines can have souls and will wow graphic novel fans in search of new heroes and new worlds. This spectacular, oversized, lusciously printed 464-page graphic novel combines the two worlds of high-technology and deep spirituality.
The book was financed by the robust fans of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

About the Artist(s):

From mazz-art.com “about the owner”

Show Notes!

About Steve
Steve, could you tell us about yourself and about your journey into comics? Brian
In a LitPick Interview you touched on large, institutional art schools vs. free/a la carte educational resources online. What advice do you give young artists in 2015? Joel
About The Silver Cord
Over 400 pages! This graphic novel is huge! It started in 2003 and you have volumes 1 and 2 in the hardbound collection you sent us. Brian
When did you finish Volume 1 & Publish Volume 1? 210 pages! Were you guys high or just astral projecting? Brian
11 years to complete the first Volume on a part time basis. Only 2.5 to finish Volume 2. Was it the public funding that pushed the 2nd volume to be completed so much faster or were there other elements at play here? Brian
How much has changed with robots since 2003? It’s 12 years later. Are we ready to put a conscience into a robot? Brian
How much time had passed since the first Volume was finished and the Second Volume work was started? Brian
Did you ever think “What have I gotten myself into?” Brian
What a different market place it must have been when you were marketing Volume 1. What are you happy to see gone from the old model of distribution and sales compared to a KickStarter Campaign? Brian
Would you do it again? Is there a Volume 3 in the works right now? Is it really coming in 2018 or are you just teasing us? Brian
A lot of great vocal artists get their start in the church choir. I think this is the only graphic novel I have ever heard of that brought together so many talented writers and artists from one church. That must be some church! Brian
Do you have to be sprirital to enjoy The Silver Cord? Brian
You have gone international with a campaign to publish Silver Cord in Chinese. How is this going? I did a google translate on the support page and the pitch seems a lot different than the US version. So I am thinking this is not a direct translation but a spritial translation. Ha! Brian
Care to speak on world building. Creating a universe, or in this case multiple dimensions, where we explore deep into existing lore and bring a deeper story to life. Brian
The first thing you notice about The Silver Cord (Vol. 1 & 2) is that it’s huge! Not just in length, but it’s also “oversize” as graphic novels go. (11×14) Why did you decide to print so large? Joel
What challenges did that present? Joel – follow up
What kernel of story sparked the road to The Silver Cord? What was the first piece? Joel
Do you know anyone with two different colored eyes? Joel
Do you ever see this in some other medium, such as animation or live-action? Would it be a movie, or a series? Matt
The Silver Cord Kickstarter was unique in that the first book was finished and you were trying to fund the completion of the second. It worked out, but were there any bumps along the way? Joel
Religion can be a touchy subject for some people. Has there been any negative reaction in that respect? Matt
How did it feel to receive validation for your project in the form of a successful KickStarter campaign? Matt
How has the fan reaction been since the release of the book? Matt
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Richard DawKINS
The God Delusion

Silver Cord Kickstarter


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