CCC 243 - The Kyu-Bum Lee Interview
Kyu-Bum Lee  joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about Death Buy Lemonade and his job as a storyboard artist.

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Frame By Frame Living (Tumblr)
Kyu-bum on YouTube

About Artist:

Storyboard Artist by day, everything else by night. Storyboard Artist on up coming Disney XD show, Fangbone
Sheridan Animation Grad of 2010. Currently based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Currently working at Pipeline studio in Hamilton


You have a range of styles on your tumblr blog. Are any “home base” ? Joel
You just kicked off a webcomic… What can you tell us about it at such an early stage? Joel
I get a “Cartoon Modern” vibe from your work. What artists influence you the most these days? Joel
Do you always do your finished work digitally? Joel
Has YouTube found you fortune and fame? Brian
Do you listen to laid back music when you draw or is that just for your videos? Cause I felt chill watching your YouTuBes Brian
Personal vs Studio animation tools? Same or different? I see you have some Toon Boom tutorials. Brian
I see Pipeline Studios is hiring. Is the animation industry booming up in Hamilton? Lot of fresh faces? Old people? Brian
We have talked to a lot of comic artists, Usually they want to see their sequental art turn into animation. With Death Buy Lemonade you made the animation first and now you are exploring this world in a webcomic form. Are you planning on taking it back to animation one day? Brian
When creativity strikes is it Character or Story first? Brian
You’re clearly an animation fan. What are some of your favorites? Matt
Your clearly unafraid to tackle sexuality in your illustrations. Has it ever caused problems or are people mostly cool with it? Matt
Much of your work has the energy and vitality of a quick sketch. How do you preserve that quality through to finish? Matt
One doesn’t often find flattering illustrations of handicapped people, yet you have a pic of a pretty girl with a prosthetic leg. Matt
April 2013, you posted a bunch of great charicatures. Were those friends, commissions? Will there be more? Matt
Fangbone Pilot Animation Reel
Death Buy Lemonade
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt



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