CCC 234 - The Brian Shearer Interview
Brian Shearer joins Brian Dunaway and Joel Duggan to talk about his comic William The Last and his inking on  the Transformers comics and G.I. JOE!

William The Last Promo

About the Comic:

A young orphan finds his way to a strange world where good people are in hiding, a once peaceful civilization is in decay, and his own name is forbidden to be uttered. He is William the Last.
This comic updates weekly, every Monday.

About Artist:

I first started wading into ocean of creator-owned comics with a book called “GravyBoy” in the early 2000′s. Since then I’ve co-created two graphic novels (Vex and Deputy Witch) and now work full time in the comic industry. I’ve had the opportunity to work on books such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Doctor Who.
For more info, you can check out my website
brian-shearer.com Website
https://www.facebook.com/BrianShearerArt Facebook
https://twitter.com/brian_shearer Twitter


I enjoy your blog posts attached to each comic. Occassionally, giving tips to aspiring cartoonists. Brian
When you started William The Last in 2013 you were using Photoshop 9ish and started using CC. How was the transition? Brian
I like looking at the comments on the comic. You have a pretty good interaction with your readers. I noticed at one point you had a huge influx of new readers who saw your ad on Sluggy.com using Project Wonderful. Was that by design or luck of the draw? Brian
Day Job! Tell us about working on Comics during the day! Brian
Your favorite Transformer? Yeah…you gotta pick one! Brian
When you are doing your thing on G.I. Joe, Transformers or Doctor Do you avoid or embrace the correpsonding cartoon or tv shows during that time? Brian
It’s your day job. It’s your night job. What do you do to avoid burnout? Brian
Is William The Last something that you’ve had inside your head for a while? Or did you start writing when you decided to start a webcomic? Joel
Who are some of your (inking) inspirations? Joel
What background/credentials did you bring to the table to get a gig inking on Transformers? Joel
The line mileage on a Transformers page must be insane. How long does it take you to ink a page? Joel
How many differen rulers do you own? (What kind of tools are you using for inking these days? – Traditional vs. Digital.) Joel
The Audio Knights Theatre
Alex Milne
https://markerguru.deviantart.com <— Holy crap!



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