CCC 232 - The Kaeti Vandorn Interview
Kaeti Vandorn. joins Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about Call of the Sentinel, a 13 part graphic novel.

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About the Comic:

Call Of The Sentinel
Call of the Sentinel is a 13 part graphic novel following the everyday adventures of Reggie and his friend Emily. The story is written and illustrated by Kaeti Vandorn! You can follow more of her work on tumblr and twitter.
Our protagonist! Reggie is a little one-eyed monster called a gumpawump. He’s a shapeshiftery sort of thing, and can change into all manner of creatures and objects.
Our other protagonist!! A peppy and adventurous sort of thing, Emily is Reggie’s VERY BEST FRIEND.

About Artist:

Comic artist and children’s illustrator. Woodland resident and teller of tales!


When did you first start painting in Photoshop? Joel
Did you go to school for sequential art and illustration? Joel
Follow up: Was a digital workflow covered in your classes? Joel
Do you hand letter all of your sound effects in Call of the Sentinal? Joel
You’ve combined painterly backgrounds with pretty cartoony characters, quite succesfully. What are some of the challenges there? Joel
Reggie feels like a character you’re really comfortable with. Did he exist before Call of the Sentinal? Joel
How does Reggie’s morphing ability work? Can he shape shift into anything? Joel
Describe Reggie in three words… Joel
Follow up: What about Emily? (someone else take this one)
Reggie’s house seems pretty cosy and well thought out. Would you want to live there? Matt
The story has an unhurried pace that I love, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Any complaints? Matt
I detect more that a touch of Myazaki influence. Am I wrong? Matt
You have a world map related to Call of the Sentinal posted on your site. What can we expect the story unfolds? Matt
other projects… Joel
illustration work / commissions Joel
draw them with the pointy end



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